Get A Windows 7 Makeover With These Awesome Themes

Get A Windows 7 Makeover With These Awesome Themes

June 20, 2018 0 By Joel Lee

It’s hard to believe that Windows 7 has already been out for over four years. That’s a long time to be staring at the same old Aero theme day in and day out. Are you ready for a change? If so, we’ve got a treat in store for you.

The theme system that powers Windows 7’s appearance isn’t the most flexible out there, but it’s still quite powerful. Hundreds of artists have tried their hand at re-skinning the operating system and many attempts have turned out great, but the difficulty is in trying to sort through all of them.

That’s why I’ve done it for you. Here are what I consider to be the best of the best themes for Windows 7. Take a look. One of them might be the next look for your computer.

Geniun 8


Geniun 8 is one of the sleekest themes I’ve ever seen for Windows. Inspired by the Metro look of Windows 8, it aims for a flat minimalism that doesn’t distract you in any way. It’s a complete facelift that makes everything look as clean as it should be.

This package comes with: Theme, Start Button, and Explorer Frame.

Zune Quickplay (Black / White)


The Zune never really caught on in the technology world, which is a shame because it had a few redeeming qualities. One thing I really liked about the Zune was its interface design — a real breath of fresh air back when Web 2.0 found a way to poison everything. We may not see any more Zune products (spoiler alert: it was discontinued) but the interface lives on with this visual style.

This package comes with: Theme, Cursor, Wallpapers, and PSDs for editing.

Gizdom Reloaded


At first glance, Gizdom has a Vista-like appearance to its overall design. It isn’t flat and minimalistic like modern graphics, nor is it incredibly flashy and shiny like Web 2.0. It strikes an interesting balance between the two and I think it benefits from doing so. It’s a clean design with a sense of depth to it.

This package comes with: Theme, Start Button, and Explorer Frame.



If you want something similar to Gizdom with a smoother, softer sense of styling, then Adagio is the one you want. It feels like a blend of Windows, Mac, and Linux Gnome all wrapped up into a pretty little theme. Think of what might happen if Vista was touched with a dash of minimalism and a spritz of Mac.

This package comes with: Theme.

Shine 2.0


Shine 2.0 is a theme that’s often mentioned in Windows 7 theme roundups like this post. It takes the modern aesthetics of Windows 8 and spins it with its own twist, turning it fully translucent with a bit of glassy shine (hence the name). But beware: due to its lack of contrast, it can be difficult on the eyes if your wallpaper is exceedingly dark or bright.

This package comes with: Theme, Start Button, Icons, and Wallpaper.



Here’s another translucent theme that will stun you. Just as Shine 2.0 is a unique see-through twist on the look of Windows 8, Elune is a unique see-through twist on the look of Vista. In fact, Elune is more than just a twist. It’s the successor that fixed everything that was wrong with Vista and then some.

This package comes with: Theme.

Windows 8 For 7


Do you prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8? You aren’t alone. But maybe you prefer the look of Windows 8? You still aren’t alone. This theme is a respectable attempt to replicate the look of Windows 8 for Windows 7 so that people like you and me can enjoy a modernized version of Aero.

This package comes with: Theme and Start Button.



Are you a fan of the Mac look but hate Mac OS? It’s not a perfect replica but Macnificent will transform your computer in that direction. You’ll still be able to tell that you’re running Windows, but it manages to capture some of the essence that drives that rival operating system.

This package comes with: Theme, Start Button, Icons, and Explorer Frame.

All of these visual styles come from DeviantArt, but it isn’t the only site where you can find skins and themes. Check out those alternative sites for more visual customization options. If you’ve moved on from Windows 7, you may find these Windows 8 themes useful.

Do you use any Windows 7 themes to spruce up your computer? Tell us about your favorite ones in the comments!