Building A Pentium 4 Reverse Sleeper

Building A Pentium 4 Reverse Sleeper

November 30, 2018 0 By PhilsComputerLab

Hey guys welcome to another video today we’re building a Pentium 4 reverse sleeper the concept is taking an old computer like opinion 4 and putting it into a modern computer case mixing all the new so to speak big thank you to beat Phoenix for sending us a case for this project it is the BitFenix Nova T G with.

Tempered glass so the idea is to have a step-by-step build God and I will spend some time talking about the components we’re gonna start with the motherboard so.

This is the motherboard we’re using it is the 8-bit ic7 really good motherboard for deepening for socket 478 with the Intel 875 chipset we’ve.

Got DDR dual channel memory AGP.

Pro but we only are going to use a AGP video card 5 PCI slots sada IDE floppy it’s all there the Northbridge cooler was in bad shape so I got one of these aftermarket heat sinks of eBay with the processor we’ve got a wide range of options I really liked the ones with the North would call this chip runs at 3.

Got an 800 megahertz FSB and 512 kilobytes of level 2 cache and the way you install them there’s a little triangle here and there’s a triangle also in the socket and you just line it up that way and just push it in and bago now we all know the Pentium 4 CPUs like to run a little bit.

Hot so you need a decent cooler this is one of my favorite it is one of these sunflower type coolers form Selman diff model number is C NPS 7700 the old copper version very heavy weighs around a kilogram but has awesome cooling performance ok before installing.

The CPU cooler we’re gonna add.

Some I ran this motherboard supports dual channel ddr3 goes into this dark blue slot over here this one is team one force and the other one goes into this dark blue slot over here for the second channel there we go and we ran into our first roadblock the Northbridge cooler is a little bit too tall for the.

CPU cooler to actually fit so we’re gonna remove that fan and I might have to come up with another.

Get away of installing that fan somewhere else but for the time being we’re just gonna remove the fan and install the CPU cooler I.
Just had a quick look and it seems like.

The salmon cooler will basically blow some air on top of the Northbridge cooler so we shouldn’t have any issues so.

Next up we’re gonna clean the surface of the opinion just with some isopropyl alcohol and then we’re ready to apply some thermal paste and now the cooler and that’s all done now which is gonna hook up the fan and we’re good to go I guess now is the time to check out this case and here we go a first look at the case we’re going to.

Use today so to begin with we’re going to remove all the side panels this side is made out of tamper class which is nice so let’s just remove this carefully we also going to remove the other side this is just gonna make cable management and installing.

Everything just a little bit easier we will also remove the front panel this one requires.

A bit of brute force you basically need to pull down here and rip it off this is the i/o shield always make sure this is included when you’re buying a motherboard.

Secondhand and you’ve got to insert this before you put in the amount of water before we can install the motherboard.

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