New Mac Mini And Ipad Pro! Apple October Event!

New Mac Mini And Ipad Pro! Apple October Event!

November 2, 2018 0 By The Macintosh Review

What’s up guys welcome to the Macintosh review for another video in this video I wanted to talk about the new October event that Apple is scheduled to have next week in Brooklyn New York the event is scheduled for October 30th at 10:00 a. Eastern time and there’s going to be a lot of exciting new products shown off and.

I’m excited to see what they actually have in store for us in this.

Video I specifically want to focus on the iPad pro and the Mac Mini but I’ll.

Also mention a few other smaller updates that we can expect at this event now before I jump in if you guys are new here welcome and if you aren’t already be.

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Will love the content I post here on Apple and all technology in general now each year Apple actually sends out invitations with different artwork to kind of hint at what they will be revealing at their event and this year they sent out many different Apple logos which is a new tactic as they usually sent out one or two artwork pieces and this year and really makes you wonder what is.

Going to be released although of course we do have a pretty good idea of what to expect which I will get into in just a second now I will have a few of these logos in the video for you guys to check out and they.

Are all available on Apple’s website very interesting stuff very cool stuff and I have heard rumors that these were all drawn on the Apple pencil on the new iPad pro but there isn’t.

Really any confirmation of that so it’s just interesting not really sure what to make of these logos personally but I am excited for the event let me know what you guys think these logos mean in the comments so the main update that we are expecting at this event is the iPad pro now the iPad pro is rumored to have an all-new design it’s gonna have a screen similar to.

With very very thin bezels with face ID I do not expect there to be a notch on the top of the device but there will not be a home button and the processor.

Inside will be the Apple a 12 so it will.

The new iPhone 10 S design and should be a great.

New upgrade now a major new feature that is rumored includes the USBC connector which was actually rumored because of a USBC Apple watch charger that was leaked out to the public suggesting that.

You can charge an Apple watch.

Or other accessories using the iPad pro almost to compete with the Microsoft Surface making it much more like a laptop now I’m not sure how well that work we’re gonna have to wait and see but I really am interested to see what they come out with here I personally have not used an iPad in quite some time so this is just another Apple product for me but for those of you who are looking for another iPad.

Pro I’m sure you will be satisfied with this new update now the second major release we are.

Expecting at this event that I’m super excited about is a refreshed Mac Mini now it is going to have a total redesign and an update we have not seen a new Mac Mini in four years over four years so I expect this to.

Be a big deal it could be either a tube tower design or a box design like the previous.

Mac Pros or something entirely new it’s obviously.

Going to have an updated processor with new internals and SSD or a fusion drive better processor I expect this to be a major update guys now we have officially.

Used a Mac Mini in my family for about the past eight years or so and I’m super excited for this new refresh there have not been too many rumors about the.

Yet but I do expect Apple to put a lot of effort into the machine to try.

To make it as exciting as possible because we have not seen a refresh in over four years now in terms of what new features will be included outside of the standard design changes and internals we’re unsure and there haven’t really been too many release details yet but I will definitely keep.

You guys updated on this channel a fun fact about the Mac Mini Apple actually at one point over the past four years thought about cutting this product from their lineup but with so much of a demand guys from the public they did not actually cut it and this refresh should be very.

Exciting due to that fact now there are some smaller updates to expect something that will be smaller is the MacBook Air is Rivard to get an update.

It probably will still be relatively cheap and it is supposed to have a Retina display and a few other new updates but outside of that just like the Mac Mini we’ll just have to wait and see with what they release they’re also rumored to have Apple pencil two with better pairing and just probably more responsiveness general updates again I don’t really use an iPad so this is just for the iPad users.

Out there ear pods – is rumored to be released here I don’t think we will see that I think we’re gonna see that in 2019 as the air pods right.

Now I think are a pretty standard they might actually come out with air pods – next year though moving on there will be a new Mac Pro Apple display supposedly I do see that.

Actually being released that’s just the display so it should just have the incremental updates as usual and iOS 12.

Also rumored to be released here I do see that happening as well it’s a very very simple thing for Apple to roll out software updates so don’t be.

Surprised if that is released at this event as well but overall guys that’s a wrap on the Apple October event for next week I’m very much looking forward to it stick around for more updates I will be posting here when the event actually rolls around so you don’t miss any videos and again thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed.

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