How To Become An Alpha Female And Develop Self Love

How To Become An Alpha Female And Develop Self Love

November 5, 2018 0 By Alpha Female Strategies

So today we’re gonna talk about how to be an alpha female right this channel is called alpha female strategies it’s only fair I tell you how to be an alpha female right especially since I keep saying I keep repeating you are what you attract and you attract what you are right so in the last videos I told you.

You know key qualities and alphas and.

Betas both male and female in the previous video I talked about how to identify how to spot.

Game right how to spot beta males and how to identify you know pick out the alphas from the betas within the first couple dates within the first three or four dates right but like I keep saying you attract what you are so if you yourself or not.

Are not an alpha female or you’re not an aspiring alpha female you’re probably not gonna.

Get an alpha male to stick around long right.

In order to hold the attention of an alpha male and hopefully develop a long term relationship with him you yourself have to either be an alpha female or.

An aspiring off of females so here I’m just gonna list three prerequisites write three bullet points of stuff of qualities you need to have or need to.

Be working on developing in order to become an alpha female right and again also at the risk of repeating myself being an alpha isn’t something that you can you know just take notes pass a test and get enough a badge that’s not how it works you’re either born an.

Alpha or you become an alpha through experience so let’s just get into it right first bullet point or first prerequisite right you have to be financially independent in order to be an alpha.

Female you have to be financially independent you don’t need excuse me you don’t need no man right if a man offers to pay you know for activities dates the man offers to pay your bills if you want to take that offer if you’ve reached a point in your relationship where you feel you.

Know you can trust them you know there’s a.

Mutual trust and understanding.

There and you want to accept his money that’s fine you can accept it but make sure you have your own money set to the side in case you need to leave him right make sure he doesn’t own you okay he can pay for your bills.

Sure he doesn’t own you you have to be able to leave if for whatever reason the situation calls for it okay so be financially independent or be capable of being financially independent the second bullet point is be emotionally independent what does that mean that means you don’t need external validation.

Okay you don’t need a good morning beautiful text from.

Five different guys every single morning to feel.

Beautiful in the morning okay you don’t need 200 likes on your.

Instagram post to feel that you know you’re worth something you don’t need that external validation you had that self love within yourself that you know if you get it it’s nice you know it brightens up your day a bit but if you don’t get it it doesn’t ruin your day right there’s a difference between appreciating.

And meeting and craving okay you can appreciate something you know thank you that was great thank you.

Very much and if you crave something in its absence you know it hurts its absence hurts you.

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