A Powerful Emotional Experience And Tech News!!!

A Powerful Emotional Experience And Tech News!!!

November 5, 2018 0 By Brian T Morin

Hello happy Sunday afternoon or actually the late morning about 11:30 a.

and this is kind of a hodgepodge of information and news but before I get to the powerful experience I had last night a couple of things you know I’m a tech geek first thing if there’s anybody out there who has contacts at Warner Brothers and the DC.

About the last four days my DC Universe app will not work on my Apple TV it keeps crashing it freezes it won’t load it’s a complete nightmare I had to use airplay and stream my last episode of Titans from my phone in.

Order to watch Titans on my Apple TV so it looks like there’s definitely a bug in the DC Universe app for Apple TV but least there’s a workaround but I want to let somebody know that might want to work on the app and I’ll maybe send a comment on the website as well sorry my allergies or sinuses are bothering me today a little bit second thing after the first.

Of the year I am seriously considering cutting the cord and getting rid of cable and just going with streaming.

I might add YouTube TV so I can get the local channels and the TV networks I love but I according to my math I can save anywhere from 50 to 70 bucks.

Maybe more if I get rid of cable I’m not gonna do it right now because I want to finish this year’s football season before I do it and then next year to watch football I can sign up for four months of like sling TV which gives you an F L red zone or there might even be another surface by that time but I’m considering cutting the.

Cord because I’m paying far too.

Much for cable internet and phone right now and.

Fifty bucks on my limited income is 50 bucks so more comic books she’s just kidding.

But so I’m playing maybe I’m cutting the cord after.

Christmas let’s see oh you know I’ve talked about getting a 4k TV I still want to get one but I’m going to wait until my high-definition TV no longer works or if it starts having a problem because why get a new TV and I do want.

To upgrade to 4k but why get a new one.

When I’ve got one that’s perfectly fine here and by the time another year or so goes by and I’m ready for a 4k TV the prices will drop even more and you get more for your buck more for your buck so you know I like nice things and I like tech but right now I’m enjoying my comic books and movies too much so there’s no reason I need a TV at the moment but when this one goes then my next step will be a 4k television.

Okay now for the incredibly powerful emotional experience I had last night if you can get tickets if it is not sold out everybody should see dear Evan Hanson at the Ahmanson Theatre near downtown LA that was by far one of the most powerful plays with an amazing musical score that I have ever seen and it is.

Incredibly relevant to today it is deeply emotional with very deep.

Themes of loneliness of finding your purpose in the world accepting who you are following your own heart being true to yourself all of that in my opinion is in there it’s an absolutely stunning musical I will always first.

And foremost be a geek my heart beats for comic books comic book movies genre films sci-fi horror that kind of stuff but my experiences this year at the Ahmanson have been really good and they’re mostly musicals and popular entertainment but this play was just phenomenal this musical was.

Just phenomenal there’s so much that can touch your heart in this musical it’s just no wonder it won six Tony Awards all I can say is below this video I’m going to put copies from YouTube of two of my favorite songs listen to the lyrics with your heart and it will blow you away I’m not sure it’s got any available tickets left because somebody told me it’s sold out through the entire run but if you have a chance check it out I’m.

Glad I got season tickets at the Ahmanson in fact they just added a show for those of you who may have heard of this it’s called it’s based on the album by Meat Loaf from the 70s called Bat Out of Hell it’s by the guy who wrote the music for that album and.

It’s a musical based on that.

Album and it runs January through February next year so I’m gonna get a ticket to that as well but I just wanted to say I don’t rarely have an emotionally stirring experience like that but dear Evan Hanson is amazing I.

Will put the songs below this.

So please give them a listen and I will be a season ticket holder at the Ahmanson for quite a while and maybe my twin flame who I really hope is a comic book and genre.

And superhero nerd like me but I hope she could appreciate theater as well but like I said theater is not my first choice in terms of career or anything like that because most theatre I’m very picky most theatre I don’t really like a lot but I like musical theater a lot which is why I got tickets to the office and they have a lot of.

Musicals there so yeah yesterday was a powerfully amazing experience I went to the two o’clock matinee and so the songs are below this video I hope you’re having a good weekend and I hope you have a good Halloween I’m heading to my mom and dad’s place to help Mom bag candy and just be with mom.

For Halloween it’s kind of a tradition my sister and brother-in-law will probably come over I’ll tell you something one person I wish would been able to go to the play with me last night would have been my sister because I think the themes of the play would have really helped her but I don’t know if she was.

Strong enough to go to something like that she likes only positive stuff and even though it’s very inspirational there are some dark moments.

So I don’t know but I can’t help thinking about her the.

Entire time I was there yesterday anyway was wonderful the songs are below this video and I.

Will talk to you soon bye bye.