Life Long Relationships – Mark Ramsey

Life Long Relationships – Mark Ramsey

November 6, 2018 0 By Citipointe Church

And I’m gonna speak you down lifelong relationships open when I say those things people that aren’t married tender yellow eyes for the married people no no everybody has relationships and what I’m going to speak on this morning show it speaks to married people but also speaks to people that aren’t married on how to build great community around their.

Lives for their future so please it’s.

The same it’s based on the same principles we want to talk about building a relationship so you don’t have to enjoy that you enjoy so let me start.

By saying this relationships are not found they are forged they are not an event they are a process I’ve had people often say to me pastor mark and we got a fairly big church here people say I can’t find any friends in the church and my mind goes a little haywire with the word find and friend so my response to is often you haven’t you can’t find any have you looked under the chairs that’s where we keep them is this like this concept they’re going to walk into.

I found a friend the friends aren’t found they made relationships are forged they’re not found they’re forged so we need to be intentional about.

How we build relationships and they provide what we need honor you know the the greatest thing you’ll ever own in life is great relationships it is the greatest thing you will ever own but be aware great friendships or relationships.

Provide life’s greatest pleasures but in friendships is also provides life’s greatest pain so both ways people are going to be your biggest pain in life but also your biggest pleasure but in saying that they’re the most important thing that we own our relationship with others our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with God are such vital things so that’s the most crucial thing that we aren’t and and the interesting part about it is that human beings without God.

And not good at building relationships it’s not our great strengths we have trouble building relationships that’s why again I’m bringing it to you.

This morning under context from what the Bible’s.

Like for example there’s this Soul Survivor on an island alright he’s waiting.

To be rescued a rescue crew finally turn up they get to the beach they look as they were here to rescue as they say is there anybody else it’s not just me I hear bond the island by myself and the guy says well that’s strange I can see three huts and any guy said.

The survivor says yeah that’s my house that’s my church and then they got the the rescue guy says well what’s the other hut it says that’s the.

Church I used to go to so we even have trouble dealing.

With our own selves and that’s why it’s important to understand biblical principles and relationship we all need help on building friendship relationship with our church community close friends family and our marriages so don’t look at six keys on how to build lifelong relationships an exciting.

Part to me is that every see every point starts with a.

See six sees this morning I told this to Pastor Chris before the service is that it’s a shame you didn’t have one more he said then you could call it the seven seas well good.

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