Strange Lights In Sky, Birds Dropping Dead, Blood Red Water, Sinkholes, & More Strange News!

Strange Lights In Sky, Birds Dropping Dead, Blood Red Water, Sinkholes, & More Strange News!

November 6, 2018 0 By Spaced Out Productions

Hey what’s up everyone this is going to be another video where I discuss strange occurrences taking place in the world around us so first I would like to say thank you to Brian McFarlane for showing my channel name and a screenshot of my video in his video in his recent livestream hopefully I get to catch one of his.

Livestream soon and talk with him and Teresa and all of those individuals who just who share on this channel very soon so thank you all for mentioning me and sharing my videos and showing this blood-red water in your recent video and to answer the question yes I do.

Believe very strongly that it could be prophetic and linked to the times in which we live so moving on to the latest news this person was in a sinkhole in Wisconsin so they were actually afraid they were going to be buried alive.

This sinkhole opened up in Wisconsin.

So many things so many sinkholes.

Opening up worldwide and weather oddities taking place not only the fact that it was that it was 96 97 degrees today here in in the areas of Tennessee it was 96 97 degrees.

Tomorrow will be in the 90s again as well as Monday before cooling off once more so.

The first weather oddity to discuss is the first time on record that to category 5 storms are existing simultaneously in the north eastern Pacific and the northwestern Pacific so that is.

For these two to exist in the same area so you can see them not too far away meteor logically speaking very very large and powerful storms this is one and the other moving on to some other news are we going to be swallowed.

Up by enormous sinkholes that’s the question many people are asking right now worldwide as these huge methane craters fishery the Barents Sea formed by the recent exploding methane craters in Siberia Russia Siberia known as the end of the world that’s what it’s defined as one of these craters here as you’ll see here large craters this is.

A shot from above but these craters are massive massive craters and also what are these mysterious men-men lights as they’re called the mysterious men-men lights that spook scientists and aboriginals in the outback of Australia so it’s still a mystery what these mystery lights are that are spooking the people of Australia let.

Me know your thoughts on this tonight I had some strange occurrences that I’ll share in the next video that I post so hundreds of birds in this next article posted ten hours ago hundreds of birds tonight dropped dead from the trees in Poland so this is apparently a very recent occurrence so many of these birds have been dropping dead since 2012 many speculate various organizations could be.

To blame others say prophecy and others speculate that both could go into play come into play here it could be prophecy and the human or government actions causing this to take place it could be weather modification because in many cases like the highly active auroral research program program program or HAARP sending highly charged beams raising up the atmosphere the ionosphere could actually interact with the atmosphere and cause negative adverse reactions to not only wildlife and animals.

But people and our weather patterns as well so I mean you could have these negative effects causing these birds to drop dead just like the birds did over some of the HAARP facilities where extreme heat took place of.

The birds fell so is this some sort of a some sort of a test is it frequency where they beam frequency to these particular species to certain organs causing them to die is it a test of something is a prophetic is it both your guess is.

As good as mine so I just thought I’d give you the latest news of strange occurrences taking place in the world around us and this is the update so once again.

Out to Brian MacFarlane and all of his crew for mentioning me and my videos so big shout out to them much love and peace shout outs to all of you by.

The way much love to everyone if you’d like a shout out let me know I’ll give you one piece stay as safe as possible in this crazy world peace but.