Appropriate Culture Web Series With Creator Julian Stephen | Don't Sleep On Em

Appropriate Culture Web Series With Creator Julian Stephen | Don't Sleep On Em

November 6, 2018 0 By The Reel Effect

So Julie and Stefan you’re a rapper turned producer you have your own show now called appropriate culture so what is the message or the meaning behind appropriate culture well for me I’m a solution based person I think with this my approach was most people want to say you took this from us and it could have easily been a.

Conversation about all the things that are appropriated and it’s covered in the society but for me I focused.

More on where we are now how we are now oftentimes we overlook like the small little nuances like yeah we deal with.

A lot of racial racial politically driven issues but underneath that we’re just regular people we wake up we brush our teeth we like wipe our.

Ass I think there’s just so many undertones to the way we live our life like that gets overlooked because it’s just so much like so many.

Topics that needed need to be addressed so many issues that need to be confronted so for me I’m like I’m always thinking about the solution versus like the problem so I think season two is gonna.

Symbolize the show the title a whole lot more because the title came about like in between like the scripts and everything but it just like I wanted it to me something for everybody like involved in the show so I think it’s only gonna get bigger with the name as the show progresses okay I’m glad you explained that because for me I.

Was watching it and I was like I don’t really get where exactly the title fits.

In with the show like I really love the show the content the jokes well it’s also a double entendre it’s not that great it could also be appropriate mm-hmm so it’s just like open for interpretation you know like Episode two it touches on hyper-masculinity like me.

Being conflicted because my girlfriend beat me in a video game my favorite characters actually is your dad okay him though right he’s an actor he’s got the history he’s got the background so for him me riding for him.

My dad I’d be in the script my gosh I have like a similar.

Relationship with my mom and the sense of like how the Vice is given.

And feel like I always have the funniest conversations with my parents so that’s all I’m.

Saying I love your dad and especially like in the first episode when he was like giving you advice about you know how to go about dating a woman and didn’t her out on.

A budget it’s all a it’s like really good it’s like bad good advice mm-hmm like that’s his like thing in the show he gives like this really bad good advice it’s like if you really listen to what he’s saying like it could help you but it’s just like he gives that tough love and I think like that’s like what people gravitate towards also when it.

Comes to the show you have a lot of influence when it comes to like 90s sitcoms and.

Culture and then so for you like why was that so important.

To put into the sitcom I think there needs to be a platform that showcases like like the.

New energy like the good do the people of the future the people that have their own platforms that have their own personalities I think there needs to be a place for us to just come and just like unite and then just be ourselves on this show so for people that don’t know any of these people you get to see them in a different light you know there’s a lot of people that came on to the.

Show that I’ve never acted before but.

They did a tremendous job because they’re just full of so much light there’s so much good energy and it just for me I just wanted to be like the liaison are like let me write something that just is like inclusive to like all of us it’s not.

Just about me I could easily just made the show like about me but it’s like ah it fulfills my heart I don’t need to be in.

It it’ll fill my heart up to just shoot it have everybody involved and me being behind the camera making shows like it looks good and that’s like we’re like the executive producer mindset comes into.

Play because it’s like I could have easily just continuously like drop album an.

Album but like I had to set the ego aside I’d be like you know what like I got this what is that a bird ruminate what’d she.

Like if your dream is just about true your dream it’s too small it’s not big enough yeah and that’s like it hit me like and for me it was just like I couldn’t hold onto it anymore I knew I was able to just bring people together and do.

Something dope so I just like this first and that is that like kind of the energy that you feel when you do watch ninety sitcoms yes I feel like it’s definitely like 90.

Seconds like living single Mart and freshmen know they’re like it’s always about like it’s always.

A family feel to it a good energy yeah like.

You know just it feels good will you just see like Queen Latifah girl from a movie to a show.

Will Smith go from the show to like his music and everybody is just working together like I don’t know what it was behind the scenes but for us to just see that that like camaraderie yeah like we grew up with.

That you know what I mean like what are we growing up with now we’ve grown up with reality shows device devices first and foremost like we’re seeing women in like very dense light like they’re.

Not we’re not seeing them in like multiple roles like where I was living single was she was.

Like the chief editor the lawyer you know what I mean why doesn’t that doesn’t exist for us anymore especially in the narrative form yeah you know especially in a narrative then you have like if it is.

Like a narrative is melodramatic well let’s talk a little more about your new soundtrack was coming out first season one called restart continues and so what’s the meaning behind that name well for me it was kind of just like reprogramming like the mind and getting back into that home the rhythm of just like it’s kind of like restarting like the heartbeat of just releasing music is like a full body of work I.

Haven’t released the full body of work in a while so for me it’s like very personal and in terms of just um titling it that I think is just like a statement of where I am as a man you know you.

Know sometimes people think it’s like you quit or you just keep going so I guess watch.

Is even gonna start over you’re gonna keep going and basically it’s a merging of doing both so we start consuming rendezvous rendezvous I mean it’s like the theme song to the show to like the first sounds like that’s.

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