Asktravel Episode 16: Youtuber Benn Tk On Travel Videos

Asktravel Episode 16: Youtuber Benn Tk On Travel Videos

November 7, 2018 0 By Welcome To Travel

Hi guys Adam Darryl and Bennett TK here what’s up everybody but welcome to us trouble episode 16 I’m gonna go 16 her face right we said would be changing changing up kind of the former we said that a few weeks ago we’re gonna have some special guests on with us across the next few weeks and months and today’s.

Special guest is a legendary global star or videographer BK how you doing mate yeah pretty good it’s a great day Melbourne today absolutely weather is every time you every time you’re with us the weather is like this that’s actually a thing I.

Don’t know how it works their time I made these guys it’s great with us you gave me of July yeah yeah so what happens I come down with so if you’re not familiar with Ben’s work here’s a few.

Of his cuts and I’m gonna edit this right now are they still on we don’t know we’ll put the.

Links sir yeah a few of those videos down the bottom from Australia last year and all over Asia everything yes sir we’re gonna change it up today and aren’t you me and Darryl you’re gonna ask them a question each you’d even know that what kind of questions totally PG like what made you go into travel.

Videography so I’d always lost videography but my brother a long time ago invited me to come trip with him to Asia and I was like ah I need to save almost didn’t go on that trip which is hilarious but uh I ended up going to allow in Thailand and had the perfect we were there for three weeks had the best time of my.

Life and I got back home to work and I was like this sucks and I was watching YouTube is doing like vlogs and.

Countries and they’re doing it really well but I felt like I could do it a bit better.

Yeah and I like a beer succeeding then God like I’d be stupid not to try I don’t think you could do it better just so yeah I’ve been doing I’ve been doing videography for a while and there’s I.

Don’t know I just like I saw some of their videos and didn’t think the quality was 100% yeah and I figured like I can make.

Better quality videos and make them look like better than Charlie I’d like like I’m better than them but yeah but if you if you see his videos you’d be like that yeah she liked me back up I pronounced just thought I can do a better job and if they’re succeeding and I can do a better job than might as well just give it a coughing yeah why no you.

Silly not to give it a go so yeah Here I am filming travel videos now good on ya yeah and I want to know uh where’s that you’ve probably been asked this a lot but where’s the best place you’ve ever felt but I don’t mean just.

Because of what’s kind of in.

Front of you I mean like the total atmosphere like a lot of your videos involve a lot of people like day to day just in that environment so where would be the best place you filmed and yeah that’s what that’s always such a tough question to answer whose every place is so unique and different but if I think I’m gonna say at the.

Moment barley was probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever filmed that like we went up my family just a family trip we didn’t stick to.

The touristic pathways we sort of did our own thing and mapped out our own journey and went to places not really everyone goes to it over touristy.

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