Video – Sooners Win Shootout In Lubbock Over Texas Tech

Video – Sooners Win Shootout In Lubbock Over Texas Tech

November 7, 2018 0 By FOX23 News Tulsa

To quote Baker Mayfield weird things happen in Lubbock Texas on Saturday nights Baker was talking about that all-timer here on this field two years ago the Sooners 166 to 59 but it was an awfully fitting thing to say about this weekend’s game as well Texas Tech was a two-touchdown underdog to number seven Oklahoma going into this one but.

The Red Raiders were fired up to try to hand o you its first loss in a true.

Road game since 2014 Lincoln Riley back on his old stomping grounds Riley went to school attack it was an assistant here the Sooners first drive of the ball game does not go well Kyler Murray intercepted by Vontae dorcy dorcy with a nice return in depth it’s a little bit short in the end zone.

Takes it to the three yard line and that would lead to this Alan Bowman – TJ bashert 6 yard touchdown 7-zip Red Raiders second sooner drive does not go any better Murray intercepted for the second.

Time in the gay by Vontae Dorsey Murray only had three interceptions all season long before this game 31 yard returns for Dorsey led to another Tech touchdown third Oklahoma Drive things finally start.

Clicking for the Sooners Tyler Murray to.

Lee Moore a 16-yard touchdown that cuts the lead to 7 second quarter now Murray keeps it himself this time takes it 12 yards into the end zone the Sooners only down 3 later in the second quarter after tech TV tray Sherman.

Takes the snap himself and scores the touchdown himself Sooners get a teeny for the third straight drive oh you down.

Three next toe you drive let’s make that four straight sooner possessions.

That go for TDs even grad Carson Meyer gives Oklahoma its first lead of the game 28:24 third quarter Sooners now down.

Three but not for long Kyler Murray to Lee Morris.

They connect for their second touchdown of the game this one goes for 46 yards 35 31 oh you fourth quarter Oklahoma adds to its lead Trey sermon goes 20 yards for one of his three TVs career-high 206 yards rushing for sermon Oklahoma.

Up eight seven minutes left in the game fourth and goal for tech jet Duffy to Zac Austin 4 yard touchdown Red Raiders down 2 and going for two Seth Collins though intercepted by Robert Barnes Lawrence has some points on his mind the sophomore has plenty of Running Room and he goes in zone to end zone for two points the Sooners survived a scare in Lubbock knocking off Texas Tech 51:46 for their third straight victory and I don’t.

Want to sound too negative with it cuz this is a hell of a road win but to do some of the things we did tonight it’s got to get corrected there’s some facets of the game we did really well but um you know we just got to kill out the the penalties in the big plays and they’re not easy fixed but they’re manageable oh you swing here at Tech makes it 19 straight victories.

For the Sooners in true road games that’s the longest active streak in the country next up for Oklahoma a little thing called bedlam Saturday and Norman should be fun I love it covering news that matters I’m Nathan Thompson Fox 23 sports.