Minds Social Media Wallet – (interview) Social Wallet – A Bitcoin Wallet For Social Media

Minds Social Media Wallet – (interview) Social Wallet – A Bitcoin Wallet For Social Media

November 8, 2018 0 By Mormo Zine

Hello friend I’m here at mines on my homepage you can see yesterday i reaiiy reminded this post that was of the Batman hey hey hey it’s the new version there used to be he-man singing the song and now it’s Batman and and that actually got four thumbs up so I probably earned some tokens because of that and then.

I have my tales from the hood review and.

And different reviews I’ve done I’m kind of just recycling some.

Footage but today I want to show you my wallet and it’s this little like Capitol building up here you get just if you go by it says wallet click it so the next payout is in 21 hours and estimated token so far my share 0 your score 0 but I earned on the last on the Halloween update amount 16.

0 1% share and you can see that I already have 4 tokens or almost 5 and it says one token equals a.

Thousand views so I’m wondering about boosting posts and I’m gonna have to do that eventually but let’s check out my notifications umm why blockchain so oh he voted up my comment that’s cool so now I’ll go vote up his comment I think this is the one where I complained about not making money on Steam it and somebody said that steam it is really good and so there I’ll.

Give him the thumbs up since he thumbs up my comment and let’s go ahead and check more boost and I checked I checked mines on my.

Phone I downloaded the phone app it’s not compatible with my tablet but it is with my phone and like when I wake up in the morning there’s a lot of I have a lot more followers.

People following me and it tells me about people posting and like people commenting after me and it’s really cool so yeah that’s the wallet and let’s see what this post is the pig is short horror film so I’m gonna definitely gonna like that thumbs up thumbs up I’m gonna write great movie for Halloween and I’m gonna make a post in this group film and media makers I’ll just upload a video real quick I’m just recycling some old videos I made for YouTube I’ll do my annihilation review.

And I’m posting this in a group hopefully I spell it right No who cares happy Halloween and I had a good Halloween today I went to the mall and had dinner at Black Oak and I’m sat in the window so I could watch the trick-or-treaters go by and and then I went to a house party and my friends were there and we all watched hocus-pocus and Halloween and I saw.

Of both movies and it was really awesome I had a great Halloween this is uploading really slow so I’m gonna end this video for today but.

Today you saw my wallet and how I’m already earning points and I’ll probably try and do a boost soon.