Fall Try-on Haul | Outerwear, Shoes, & More! | Soothingsista

Fall Try-on Haul | Outerwear, Shoes, & More! | Soothingsista

November 8, 2018 0 By SoothingSista

What’s up y’all I see girl Stephanie and today I have a clothing and shoe haul for y’all I am so much outerwear so many coats I don’t know I think I kind of went overboard but I’m really stoked about everything here so we got stuff from Iggy Urban Outfitters and JustFab and actually this video is in partnership with.

JustFab I’m very excited about these shoes I’m gonna show y’all actually they might be my favorite thing.

In this whole thing so before we get into it if you haven’t ready please make sure to subscribe below come join the sisterhood no matter your.

True pronoun or gender identity okay so I three coats from JustFab two pairs of shoes I’m gonna start off with the item that I actually realized.

I really like as a dress so here we have this coat from JustFab it is it’s like really pretty shy not shiny but like a satiny material and it’s supposed to be just like a really nice black trench you could definitely wear it open but the way that I really liked it is completely zipped up or not all the way up to the.

Just a bit up and then with the belts quite secure around the waist and it’s like I look like a sexy detective I think that this is just like the perfect look for any kind of fall winter like cocktail party or something a little bit more dressy I honestly liked.

A lot of stuff on the site and then stuff that I ordered when I got to my house I was like damn everything is really nice in person and I’m sure a lot of y’all know what JustFab is but if you.

Don’t it’s just like a clothing lifestyle brand they are very trendy so they’re constantly coming out with new styles but they’re quite cost-effective and when you sign on you do like a 60-second test where they create personalized alfred’s from you from all of their styles they like thousands of clothes so it’s really nice because I think that everything that I picked out was from that list that they created for me they did not ask me to say that either it’s honestly what happened so yeah so this was the.

Very first thing that I really liked and I think my body looks bombing it I’ll soaked about that and I have a couple more coats from them so the first one is like the lighter coat these are both like is a house.

Houses right now in LA you know it got a little bit colder but now it’s hot again but this is the kind of coat that I can wear in LA.

It is you know kind of below my knees this really beautiful woven material but it’s.

Not super hot and it just looks really nice over a light knit shirt.

Like the one I have on if you’re in a place.

That is like not quite super cold yet this would be a good option for you because I still want to wear coats you know it’s like fall going into winter but la is not you know the coldest place in the world this is also something that I feel like I could put over like a cute little cami and really roll up the sleeves and then do like skinny jeans and pumps and I would just be like wearing that all night for an event it.

Would look very chic so the third coat that I have here is like the heavier one that I decided to get it is a larger like how am I saying that correctly houndstooth print and it is like really limed quality of this one is.

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