Peter Gleick: Water, Climate, And Security Seminar. World Bank Oct 18, 2018

Peter Gleick: Water, Climate, And Security Seminar. World Bank Oct 18, 2018

November 8, 2018 0 By Peter Gleick

Thank you very much to all I’m gonna invite some more to sit around the table don’t be shy so today we we have three speakers we have dr. petit like with scientists and communicator on water and climate issues in 1987 he co-founded the independent in tank the Pacific Institute which led as president until mid 2016 when he became.

President emeritus he received the prestigious MacArthur Genius fellowship fellowship and is an elected member of the US National Academy of Science he’s a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of.

Science and a winner an event toshow award from the International Water Resource Association and the United States water prize from the US what our lens I’m not going to do justice to your distinguished Kalia but we are delighted to have you.

And so Peter is gonna start and present some of his innovative and creative work then we will have a presentation by Anders on the water Cassidy beyond.

Cassidy report which is happy to to offer to ever want it including the copies here.

But also you know please follow.

Up with him and then we will have Christian with a former colleague of mine at the IMF.

We will be discussing the two presentations so each of you would have 20 about 20 minutes also and Christian will have a maximum of 10 minutes so Peter of the land of choices well thank you very much I’m delighted to be here so look just a.

Little quick background I’m the president emeritus of the Pacific Institute the Institute is a Research Institute in California we work broadly on global freshwater issues the Institute for example is the science secretariat for the UN CEO water mandate the water component of the UN Global Compact work and we do a lot of work on corporate stewardship around water we do a lot of work broadly on sustainability of water.

Issues from the technology side to the economic side to the institutional side and we work on conflict over water international disputes violence over water and it’s this last piece of what we do that I’m going I’m going to address quickly today in the context.

Of some of these much broader issues I’m a I’m a climatologist and a hydrologist by training much of the work the Institute does is science related but with a policy component and so I’m going to talk about water climate and security in the context of peak water the idea that we’re increasingly running into constraints on water and that’s related to this broader issue of scarcity and in the context of the broader discussion about environmental security and and conflict over resources as I’m sure I’m sure you.

Know the definition of the word security is.

Itself problematic people argue about what security means the definition that has changed over time and it depends on what your own background is what you might.

Think about that I’m going to talk about it in the context of violence associated with water.

Resources and there’s a long history and I’ll come back to this a little bit later of violence related to water resources and that combat that violence takes many forms and I’m going to talk specifically about that as well a little bit later but in particular I’m going to talk about it as a.

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