How To Edit Videos On Your Iphone/ipad For Youtube (very Detailed)

How To Edit Videos On Your Iphone/ipad For Youtube (very Detailed)

November 12, 2018 0 By Owolabby Azeez

I so you wanna know how to edit your videos for YouTube on your iPhone right so I got you sit back relax get locked in you think it’s hard you think it’s gonna be I need a laptop or I need a desk top of whatever every video you see on my channel above almost 20 videos approaching that shop.

Has been off of my iPhone iPhone a little tripod or even a book stand videos on my channel have thousands of views I get like almost 200 views a day at this point I’m going so you can do it everything off of.

The iPhone no excuses no more BS you have all the keys you have my phone a tripod camera natural light you can make it happen alright so.

Drain a video get locked in make sure you guys subscribe because in every single video the goal of my channel is to not only entertain you but also educate you as you tamen that’s what I call it so that we.

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Walk on that like button and we don’t like subscribe to the content and to the video and all right fools good job welcome back to the tutorial so first up when I would suggest is you gooped you put.

A look together all of your editing apps or relevant things that you do for editing into one folder so that’s easy to go from one app to.

The next so put them all together into one folder so first of all go to iMovie of course click the plus sign movie in a movie and then choose the party to pop that video.

You want to edit like this for example and then you’re gonna click create movie okay so I already have the video I wanted so when you open it it’s going.

To come up as such all end up your night that’s right so which one I do is wanna draw your video you want to edit out all them dead clips or things aren’t necessary so that window can continue the flow pretty smoothly if we look at this here I’m just pressing the quit button right.

So you’re not click on the video clip.

I want to edit that part out click on a video clip press split I did split click on that.

Part delete so these are the Amazon Blackfyre in different tips you need to know so you have a hassle-free stress-free a holiday season what you actually see so usually when I’m gonna make a video I put like an outline of things I want to talk about so sometimes that when I look down I look down on my notes or whatever and I don’t really wanna show me showing me looking at my notes so I’m gonna fix it again splits right there.

Okay to the part where I’m looking down you’re gonna click on the clip again splits click on the middle part delete now you’ll see see how it looks I’ll close a lot better than me looking down and you want to cut out as much dead space as possible so.

That the video can flow pretty well okay another one again see you’ll see right is folder in gonna split here split here and then choose a metal clip that you want to get rid of click on that and then gonna click delete knife look at the clip again again splits splits deletes usually overall it takes me about depending on the length of video and how much money how much creativity I want to add to the video am I taking about 30 minutes 3045.

Minutes at one video approximately maybe you short it but 30 minutes is about the average time you click on the clip then you’re gonna click split for the part you want to edit out okay could I click on the clip again splits go to the middle part.

Delete click on the clip splits see that click on the clip again splits delete I give you my intro right so to add to add a video into the video what you want to do is when click split again cool the plus sign go to the view that you want me it’s in my favorite.

Section and then click on the clip and it’ll add in shortly and then use it plus so real quick pro tip right if you wanted to just be an audio file this will come up as an audio you can experiment with all these as you see fit but okay then just make it.

Simple make it simple this is a plus sign I gonna add and you see this it’ll come we’ll come in between the clip if you.

Can click on it and then press none or add keep the transition usually on this side I like to keep the transition the transition I should say so that’s it right there alright so it’s another dead clip right here I.

Want to delete that splits you guys have another deal deletes okay tonight wanna add tax right so the quick splits press the T sign standard one delete that part of the text this part of the text you want to hold it down select and you want to just click subscribe subscribe gang.

Gang right and voila again well know so when you want to.

Add so you’ll know you want the text to stop you’re gonna have to go to the scissors icon right here click splits and then the Tesla fadeaway look it again I’ll see you texted me right so I’ll tell you that at that part so you want to add a zoom effect to your videos and then click splits okay split again click on the middle clip go to the this compass looking icon in the top right and this will let you zoom in and out.

And out okay I did see that look at it oh shoot so you want to go back like we do something click the rewind clip right here right here and I’ll go back to it simple right so now let’s say you want to add a clip from YouTube or somewhere else right so what I usually do is I’ll go to youtube go to.

This part right here along the whole so I will screen record right you have the screen record feature right here click on this three to one down and then I’ll click on this right here okay and then stop screaming apart go back to iMovie click on your clip will continue editing now.

You want to add the clip into this section right here right plus sign okay click the plus sign albums albums.

Just find albums a lot quicker the cotton like this it’s kind of confusing me sometimes let’s go to albums all photos and this is that cook I wanted to use right here plus okay so the same thing pretty much click on the.

Clip click on the compass icon right here and now allows you to move it okay you wanna zoom in okay so and I want to edit off the spot.

So you don’t want you can either just cut it like we usually do but I want to show you this part so now you can move it in okay and then you want.

To gather it get rid of this transition let’s see okay now you wanna split deletes.

Right there that’s why that’s what I want to end it splits delete now look at it so make sure you subscribe elected like the video well yeah so if you want to know how to add background music to your videos check out my playlist to do that this is strictly editing our music is in the banana is in another video she’s.

I can’t talk it’s in another video so watch the playlist for that might be here over here one that’s you okay now I just.

Wanted to show you a little like pro tip or whatever right let’s say you didn’t want.

The full clip in your video right you just want the audio so you’re.

It’ll come up as this you’ll see the audio here so you want just the audio of that clip and you can use that and then just a lead but now let’s say you want to add a video onto top of the video right click.

Three dots now you can either do this it’ll be a over overlay the whole video okay or three.

Dots it’ll begin the corner sound like a reaction.

Video of sorts alright so can like a reaction video I don’t wanna do that or the third option is to use it and then it’ll be side by side like this so you know the power of your phone is powerful it’s all just your iPhone you can do all this stuff edit out all the dead clips right there I had put my head down or I was looking for I had lost my train of thought so I keep going and then add in the text okay then I added a funny clipped I want to.

Put in voila that is the editing process even well know how to make a thumbnail we’re at it background music check out my playlist it’ll be linked in the pin comment of.

This video and in the card section of this video as well okay cool y’all saw how simple it is a YouTube video on your iPhone or a video in general on -.

Madson full master suite cool definitely check out my other playlists completely dedicated how to edit and film professional videos on your iPhone that’s all every video you see on my channel it’s my shot with an iPhone I appreciate you taking the time ready to watch my video for all the videos on YouTube I’m grateful and thankful make.

You subscribe I appreciate that like the video much love peace and joy now I’ma stay and it doesn’t feed you don’t the you baby.