Spirit Of Marriage Season 2 – (new Movie) 2018 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Full Hd | 1080p

Spirit Of Marriage Season 2 – (new Movie) 2018 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Full Hd | 1080p

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I hope it’s not what I’m expecting you need not to be wrong it is exactly what you’re expecting don’t tell me the princess has said no this look did not something close to that it is possible she has agreed I’m sweet I swear by the gods I will double my grid fee nuts will make you a perfect gentleman.
My words that explains why all the merchants from.

All the major kingdoms trust me with their bags of money which one I need to start surprising you immediately gonna talk to me son listen brother I have found the wife that’s great news so we find any difficult.

Don’t know what your reaction might be that’s a good thing a cause for celebration so tell me who is the lucky man well her name is Marian do whose family she from programs on I mean they wired to be you’re talking about who started she which family in a physical Kingdom does she come from father was my wife come from a goose ago Kingdom are.

Any way trying to tell me a wife to leave thoughts from the casino give no okay where’s she from.

She’s from India who kindom what to tell me with such a stupid joke I hope this is a joke while I joke with the king in advance of justice in that case we need to see the heavenlies to prepare a very potent medicine it is deeper because that’s.

The new reason you will not follow why are you talking like this I am fine and I don’t need any potent medicine against any bar Farah I am fine no you are not don’t bring shame to me because I do not bring shame to my parents I will not tolerate this from you and the princess is my.
Princess but father I caught up leave my presence now don’t provoke me.

Before they found out what America not you mr.
Walton me why have everyone in this palace refused to see things from my perspective listeners Ogun why you raising your voice go talk to your father the rivalry between.

Your kingdom and ours has nothing to do with me you Marin do is a midden I must marry you can’t live like that did you tell father about her the mating from our enemy kingdom did you my top pom-pom Iago.

Your enemy kingdom but she is not the enemy yourself so stop compounding my problems by referring to her as an enemy me I have problems finding someone to marry what makes him think a father will listen to me someone from among you should rise up and tell us.
Why we are here thank you your majesty with.

The permission of my kinsmen we have come to block a beautiful flower in your palace well if you look around the palace very well you will not see flies I definitely do not like flowers and I know that my good friend a we’re not buying our great merchant of this kingdom Your Majesty I am happy to stand before you his royal Majesty is Udo of a critical Kingdom I will go straight to the points I have come to ask for the hand of the princess in marriage.

Lala this cold oppressors so I.

Hope your trip was good yes.

Thank you well a Barnaby on here has come to ask for her hand in marriage I want you to tell us if we.

Should accept him every not you may decide to.

Hide it from all you can’t hide it from me I’m Your Mother so more what is wrong with you I’m confused do you have a spirit man that I can tell does any man appear in your dream and probably make love to you know it has never happened to me in my life before so why don’t you think do you think you see him see who the strange.

Man standing right before me beside only wonder swing a strange man is this thing you don’t have a spirit man why didn’t you tell me this all.

This while why bring this level of embarrassment your father and I why I’m sorry it’s not my fault so what what is it mine nobody’s fault I’m just confused so what you have is a terrible problem a problem that can ruin any woman be not worried I’m going to.

Find a solution to its okay.

I want you to cooperate with me okay be ready I was had a dream.

About a young man who promised to marry me he went further to cut himself before me he made an oath to marry me my princess who is the man someone you know I know I don’t know him I’ve never seen him in my life why didn’t you attach any relevance to the dream the man that caught his.

Body may just be a revelation that the man you will marry will do.

Just anything for you I knew you don’t have anything to offer you’re misinterpreting to do it my princess my beautiful princess what I am saying.

Is a Baba Yaga is the man can you just let me reflect on my life without mentioning the name of anyone history remains the only man you ever accepted and permitted to come see your parents my princess reflect on his personality and see what unseen what nothing please.

Let this conversation and the way the marriage introduction ended say one more word and you’ll not like – well handle it so you still wants me to give you additional things.

The palace is this how ungrateful you are I don’t know why you’re smuggling words into this you give the near impossible.

Task and I played my part well you played your parts where and the princess is finally mine can you say that I don’t know why you make this seem impossible I was never Monday that to make the princess your wife my job was to fix a meeting between you and her and I did that and then the spirit in.

Her manifested before my family members and she killed whatever HS I had lets me make myself clear I am no longer interested in your princess and you should be happy whatever you’ve gotten from me are you are you trying the process is beginning to become a body I.

See the prince and the princess are giving you sleepless nights danger locks Your Majesty what is the solution there.

Solution the princess has a spirit husband that will come to marry her someday the princess has a spiritual birth who will someday come to marry a princess of a.

Physical Kingdom how’s that possible that is what I see and for the Prince you must be very cautious allow nature run its costs give the princess some time and you will see how smooth things will be you a great man of this land indeed but you say so many things at the same time the priests scammer told me about the wife he wants to marry and of all kingdoms around here he chose admittin from India go.

And ask is he going to marry a woman he loves or is he getting married to India go as a kingdom a pseudo give peace a chance as you don’t listen money can buy everything but.

Certainly not peace she’s one understand I’ve made enough gurgling spooky box I can’t believe this who busts Rocchi a lots of your might did I warn you about India go Kingdom and all that has to do with them father I am man enough to choose a woman I desire and I don’t see anything wrong and bring it out to you do not drink this Palace down by imposing your views on me.

You must be a fool to think you can’t disobey the king of gods father what’s.

The meaning of all this why I’m bars on my desk take this custom made out of this one is now father I said if anyone tries to stop you make the person like you beat the peasant like a common thief no one.

Dares mother I will go with her no you are not leaving this place sorry my princess Farah has become a thorn in my flesh and I can’t take it do you know that saying that.

The okra tree can never outgrow the one who planted it and what has the same got to do with the way fine I straighten me Emma have you ever been in love do you know what it means to disobey your pillow asuma mind the wars you say to me.

Why I did not come to you to be further provoked then listen to.

Your parents I won’t you did in time I love Mary Lou dearly but such that all the beautiful meetings in this.

More beautiful more pretty even more intelligent than Newington you are meant to love and leave not love and die it is very obvious to me that you cannot offer.

You look you should have known that don’t fall in love with your enemy really enemy you say so he still referred to her as an enemy after all the.

Things I have told you about her she’s an enemy that meeting is an enemy at the stopping enemy from an enemy Kingdom I know you’ve been insulted and rejected by my parents but I have not rejected you and I never will it’s better you forget about me than inviting trouble to yourself I still love.

I will do everything possible to ensure you become my wife it is not going to work it’s obvious and you know it I know all that but allow me to fight I am ready to which this war because you mean the whole walls me trust me Amarinder i am going to win and you will eventually become my wife are we together and this I love you BA my.

System sorry allow me to handle the stones I am convinced nothing good comes easy a man is measured by what he does and not what he says promise me or with me and this my prince why would you want to intentionally say no more words just promise me that you are with me in this going by the outcome of the administration with the man of the goals your majesty the time is ripe for another often or.

Violent blood to travel genitals each other your majesty I believe I should not be reminded about realistic so what.

Are we waiting for my king it was five years ago that we made the last.

Sacrifice so this sacrifice is due if you look.

Around my king a lot of things are going wrong in our kingdom our uture lately becoming disobedient to the elders immorality is on the increase and my think as you know the truth does not run in vain on a broad daylight I personally believe that these things are connected with the delayed sacrifice I’m suggesting that we should send for the head of the world lots to start the process of finding the.

One that must be sacrificed okay nothing on what you say I will send words I also agree with the fact that because I’m also experienced in the septum Thank You children thank you thank you you got your charlie talking to me my prince if I cannot call you to order.

When you are going astray then I have no reason to refer to myself as your person I got you believe I am greater straight right how dare.

You utter such nonsense before me my PC not obvious you are determined to disobey your father the king and Marie does imagine you all ready or not you know to marry and because of that you think I am going astray Radhika let me ask you this have you ever been.

In love no of course it is obvious how dare you judge me my brain how dare you judge me when you don’t know how I feel my prince I may not have been in love before like an aquarium yes you but deep inside my hats I know love is something back I control the way you are going about with this Medan one is tempted to believe that she’s not twenty they won’t go.

Tony you know this how will you shut up don’t take my leniency for granted what’s wrong with you do you want to insult me my prince he is not in my.

Nature to insult people I can’t be back already jobs I Qaeda members in you are a fool before the very face but if your simple address of an assault please forgive me it won’t happen again it was a potential because I am told this is the first time in my.

Life my sight listen you have occupied a very significant space in my hearts keep your hopes alive and soon it’ll all happen as we wish I cannot wait thank you so much I’ve called you all here.

Because of the challenge posed performance as the Warriors of this great Kingdom we must provide a violent person to the king before tomorrow for the sacrifice of bowel and blood until journey sacred shrine as you all know this sacrifice is in line with our prefetch well agreement that our forefathers had wheat our progeny toe the King has.

Given us his blessings it is left for us as.

Of this great Kingdom to provide that person that will be used for the surgeries do you have in mind for the sacrifice we must find a vibrant young man so what we must do is move out of the kingdom find someone who fits him I had a dream again remind me please about the young man who caught himself for me oh I remember what was he wants I don’t know he didn’t say anything but this time around.

He was standing at an edge just looking at me you see what I am saying this is a direct revelation of what is to come you will marry a man that will take care.

Of you in fact a mullah is willing to die for you my princess that’s a young man oh the young man was stand by you he will watch over you my princess myself before princesses yama of Equus ago kingdom Animalia on ma the beautiful things.

Of this life continue to be us greetings Ithaca what do you want why Norman in my capacity as the personal guard to the Prince Prince opus energy Your Honor there is something bothering me in fact it is preached in my heart and I want to discuss this with you I beg your pardon there is something bothering you are you won’t discuss it with the princess why don’t.

You go to the princess haja more calm down excuse us please thank you my princess thank you again and again thank you this one spray to assets is here not vibrant we must strike immediately and ascertain how spirit fast you are perfect for the game at heart.

Followers freedom through physical Kingdom and there will be no need to use forty I need to explain one thing my name is Ollie Maura and I am NOT always in a hurry to go into a fight but the last person that lured me into a fight on the past regretted it please let me go and there will be need for fights you think you have what it takes to engage us in the fight I do not want to fight please.

Permit me to proceed on my journey to locate the gift of my father stop has landed you in trouble I told you to not fight you would be so foolish to think that warriors only fight with people and.

Because those who fight evil they parade with a blood edge of supernatural powers if he has ordered you to stay away from his personality and advice you do sir I don’t want you to have problems with my brother but my princess if I allow Prince opus energy is going to end up marrying that building from one dagger and the King may end up doing something terrible in anger don’t bother yourself again he cannot marry.

That needed he’s doing everything possible to weaken my father become don’t worry you will never marry damn it this will be the last don’t you care about my feelings my Muslims Oh to let your emotions or feelings or whatever play tricks on.

You they our enemies and that they shall remain and it is greetings to his royal majesty is root off it was secure Kingdom may you reign forever welcome o Chia head of warriors how did it go your majesty permit me to whisper this into you got my just go and sound equal someone in all the elders in.

Castle gonna yes your majesty where did you hear my instruction that the ecolution is sounded to taint even bother to ask what the head warrior told me whatever your head warrior told you is not for me that is why LM instead this emphatically father my happiness as a man is more important than the sound of any guru usual oda your majesty there’s something mysterious about that man Nature has will you stop this stupid I start talking.

Like it nah know who might be you’re supposed to be why are you abusing your.

Path as the first to disrupt their process.

But in plan to utilize wake m-mother I’ll.

Give you a direct answer please I want you to understand you like a woman he.

Is the man I’ve been waiting for all these years when you’re ready to talk.