Top 6 New And Fast Web Browsers For Android (2018)

Top 6 New And Fast Web Browsers For Android (2018)

December 2, 2018 0 By Guiding Tech

When it comes to browsers on Android we all know that the default is Chrome and that’s what most of us use right but did you know that there are a lot of different kind of browsers with some very cool features that you could try at times well that’s what this video is going to be about this is a.

Busy Mukerji from guiding tech let’s get started let’s start with opera touch there’s a new browser from opera which was released quite.

Recently and as the name indicates it’s for Dutch use and primarily for single-handed use it has.

A shiny new interface and the browser strictly means business why well as soon as you open the app the cursor is on the address bar with options.

For voice search and image search at an easily accessible location opera touch introduces a fresh new look by putting it at the bottom of the screen where your fingers can quickly find it as you scroll down a button for opening new tab presents itself at the bottom the highlight of the app though is a feature.

Called flow there’s a feature which lets you transfer your open websites from the Opera browser on your.

Desktop to your android by scanning a QR code well quite a nifty my must say the browser also supports ad.

Blocker and crypto mining blocker all in all certainly a new kid on the block that’s worth trying if you are concerned about your privacy while browsing the Internet then this new browser from Firefox.

Which is called Firefox focus is going to be your new best friend because as the name indicates focus means that it wants you to browse only on a single tab that’s right you.

Can browse one left side at a time and it blocks all the scripts even the analytic scripts for that matter it’s hell-bent on making your browsing session absolutely private next up is flames which you can call a floating browser it helps you loads articles and links in the background and puts a.

Floating icon on top of your home screen for example let’s say you are reading your Twitter feed and you wish to open an article simply click on.

It and the browser will open a floating tab to load the page while you are still on Twitter scrolling through the field once the page loads you can read the article and you still don’t need to close the Twitter app there’s a quick read mode that gets rid of ads and loads only the relevant content saving you time and data so all in all flings makes multitasking effortless by allowing you to open all kinds of links while not having to quit the current app next.
Up is Aloha browser yes quite a unique name and some.

Unique features as well now this browser comes with a built-in VPN which means you can just set a VPN after opening it and browse through the content it also has a download manager which lets you easily download files of the Internet and view them in the browser there’s also an.

Ad blocker but finally and most importantly this browser has a built-in via player that’s right you can watch those VR videos for which you have to use the Google cardboard app well not anymore you can do this right inside this browser continuing with unique browsers there.

Is another one in the fray that’s called the cake web browser this is another interesting browser which will come in really handy when.

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