What Happened To Jack Manley Tv??

What Happened To Jack Manley Tv??

December 2, 2018 0 By Splashton

So in today’s video we’ll be talking about YouTube sensation Jack Manley TV so you might be asking who is this kid Jack Manley is a YouTube star at the age of 20 years old this man has over nine hundred thousand subscribers and has reached over millions and millions of views on almost all of his videos with this first.

Posted on February 4th of 2017 Jack Manley instantly started boosting his fame his videos contain a lot of scenes of him and kissing.

Random girls them going crazy wow they were drunk a lot of interesting content that a lot of viewers apparently love to see as almost every single video has a million views and his.

Channel almost reaching a hundred million views on YouTube which to be honest is absolutely insane from starting in February to his last video in July looking at his social blade here.

In subscribers every single day but as you can see there’s a continuous drop in his subscribers and you might.

Be asking why as you can see through the social blade in.

30 days Jack Manley has gotten twenty six thousand subscribers and averaging 887 subscribers per day which was more than my channel even has at the moment which is honestly absolutely insane for how short of a time this man has been creating content and for the fact that this man hasn’t made a.

Video since July 18th as today is the 21st of October it has now been over three months Jack Malin has even posted a video and he’s still managing to get 800 subs a day which is insanely impressive which means his content hasn’t even reached its full potential yet more and more people are still seeing.

His content and are still loving it and they’re sharing with their friends so his channel is still out of growth he still hasn’t hit a million subscribers but he’s very close probably by the end this year had a million subscribers but after seeing all of his impressive videos that.

Everyone loves to watch at least was all it the question of what is he doing now why hasn’t he posted since July so after doing a lot of research on a social media online and from his past video of what he said.

I’ve come together the conclusion of what he’s doing right now now if we go back to his very last video that was posted on July 18th of 2018 he mentioned this at the end of his video hey what’s up guys thanks so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed the video I just wanted to.

Talk to you guys real quick to let y’all know what I’ve been up to pretty much I’ve been grinding for months and months and months on a special project.

That I know is going to change you guys’s lives and I know that we’ve surround a lot on Jack Manley TV and we’ve had a lot of good times a lot of laughs but it’s time to get serious.

For just a moment here the special project that I’ve been working so hard on is a course that details every single thing that I did to transform myself from the shine nerd that I used to be into what I am today it’s called the manly method.

And this course is no joke they don’t teach you this stuff in school guys it’s going to tell you exactly what you need to do to get girls and I know for a fact that if I can change then anyone can change and so to give.

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