Glenn Lewis – Interview With Dyana Williams On 100.3 Radio In Philadelphia

Glenn Lewis – Interview With Dyana Williams On 100.3 Radio In Philadelphia

December 6, 2018 0 By ventilationx

Point three here with the enemy beautiful it’s a battle of the best Stevie versus Donnie and I’m stuck in the middle of that ha ha what good soul voting thing going down and it’s kind of that’s kind of a tough call just cuz they’re both incredible but yeah just a typical Sunday another day in paradise an adopted Philadelphian.

Many years on and off but this is his American base and we’re impressed Derek are we not because until 3 o’clock this. Glenn was shooting his new video oh it was a man it was amazing you know we started a call time at 10 o’clock in the morning wrapped at 3 in the morning but it was it was worth it man the energy was great Philly and the whole feel in the community is really like you know my second home because everybody was just in.

Support and excited about me coming back.

And it was really great and how can folks 3 2.

On Twitter at being Glenn Lewis and it’s the same for Instagram so definitely feel free to reach out to me and you know so I’d let you all know what’s going on with me or just if you want to say what’s up on a Tuesday you know I like that if you want to say what’s up on a Tuesday really nice there was a period of time where a lot of folks thought you were from here I mean I thought you.
Were from Philly yeah you know what.

I actually I embrace that cuz the funniest thing most people tell me isn’t.

Glenn I don’t lie to you man like Philly is a hard town they.

They don’t and they have no problem letting you know and it was like okay and you know shows I’ve done or.

If I’m just out on the street just strolling or doing whatever it is I do people come out in droves and support and people are running today like oh boy okay a lot of.

Music man guys what’s up so I always get love out here ah drum roll you know.

What that means all right Glenn you had the honor since this is your battle of announcing the winner today and coincidentally the title my album is called moment of truth and that’s what this would be coming out in August by the way so look out for that the moment of truth Stevie Wonder shockingly shocking and here’s the winning.

Song selected by Glenn Lewis our special guest can.

You stay with us a little longer I would love to can you say what bouncer.

Is that okay guys yes guys okay here’s see black bars.