*free* Galaxy Bundle Set Release Date! (fortnite Battle Royale Galaxy Full Set)

*free* Galaxy Bundle Set Release Date! (fortnite Battle Royale Galaxy Full Set)

December 6, 2018 0 By Tridzo

What is a guy strudel here and today I am back with a new video now for today’s video what I got free guys is we got some additional information talking about pretty much continuing from one of yesterday’s videos and that is the galaxy Skin set so we have a galaxy skin set coming to for tonight a lot of.

You guys were asking when is.

It gonna be released and you wanted some more information well today the information just got revealed to us so that’s what I got for you guys in this video but before we start the video we get into all of that I wanted to remind you guys that we.
Got a 1000 V bug giveaway going on right now so if you guys would like.

A chance to win some free v bucks all you guys got to do is drop a like on the video subscriber notifications on and comment down below to be entered the winner is gonna be chosen this weekend and also there’s a support of creator feature with fortnight so if you guys would like to support me all you got to do is go into.

The item shop in either battle royale or in save the world and then click support a creator and then use.

My code trizol funds that we get from this I will be doing some giveaways with so it is just the way of saying thank you guys for supporting me because the support.

Has been crazy so far and it’s literally the least I can do for you guys but anyways with all that being said let’s get started with today’s video so yesterday I talked about the galaxy.

Skin set when it was first lead it was leaked in the.

New fort nightmares update and essentially what it was was three things that come with the galaxy skin outfit so we had the galaxy glider which is called.

The discovery we had the pickaxe which is called the stellar and then we had the bag bling which is called the Galactic disk so I’ll show you guys an image of all three but if you missed yesterday’s video I showcased how they would look in game when they do get at it I showed some gameplay footage of someone who somehow managed to get them.

Early so if you missed that video make sure you check it out I’ll throw the link down in the description but the thing is is we know for a fact.

That these are gonna be a part of the galaxy set but we didn’t understand why it wasn’t available from when the update dropped or why it didn’t come out when we were able.
To get the galaxy skins so I have some answers to a couple of those.

Questions and the first question a lot of people asked is will this be for free or will you have to pay some money for so are you gonna have to pay for this bundle is it gonna be available in the item shop to answer those questions no it’s not gonna be.

Available in the item shop no you don’t have to pay for it and the only way that you can get it is you’re.

Gonna have to have the galaxy outfit so yeah that technically does cost money but there are a bunch of ways that you can actually do it for free so you won’t have to pay any additional fees or anything like that like a little bundle pack that.

You think is gonna be coming it’s not it’s gonna be happening at all this is gonna be only available to the people who have the galaxy skin now for those guys who want to know how you’re.

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