Hyrule Warriors #4 We Can't Lose Gliitchzz And Bloodseeker Playzz!

Hyrule Warriors #4 We Can't Lose Gliitchzz And Bloodseeker Playzz!

December 6, 2018 0 By Gliitchzz

Holy shit there was some jump in and there was some bombing I did a thing I’m just kidding there was no bombs but the bomb she was not moving boom did fing hi chest my chest mine bitch yeah I’ve come up and up the chest I can’t get it no you can you just press a button next to.

Do it says your face go face it and press the button yeah told you it was my chest yeah over but you’re my dad hold on I got a.

Murder things I can’t even get there uh you might want to go capture the tunnel there’s a big boss going into it his name is dick side mission failed what stopped the assault troops I’m.

Kind of stuck in here with this bomb – there’s a lot of reason to bite I am actually trapped here I’m gonna go capture this one.
Down here there’s a snake he’s on fire hello mr.
Zippy’s how’s everybody doing today anyway everything’s better when you have a boner there we go why don’t you where are you going I know that’s.

My butt why ring magical ring it’s dark wizard mean twisted wizard with sorrow he sounds like he’s a Juggalo dance no but from.

Jail what you clown and Alfred I feel da bitch I’m gonna put a door on you hello was our Oh guess what special ability time what an entrance for was ro to get his ass kicked as long as we beat.

The big guy it’s everything ought to be good right BAM big hit hi I was are owed that I saw that there’s been a lot of murder whoa something hit me in the ass yeah was ro hit you in the end where’s ro you’re not a wizard Bravo calm your tit I bought you we’re kinda.
In the middle of shit but thank you bro.

Wow have fun with Lazaro I’m gonna go capture some whoa what it didn’t open it no yeah another.

One did nothing that’s right there Oh God Oh had the other one already make it.

Killing everything oh you haven’t you’re pathetic well this is why 957 yeah from kills you stole from me yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m link takes link I just wanted.

To be linkle but new literally picked any other character I would have picked them I’m gonna play Legend of Zelda games I could be somebody other than lame I just want to be female link link is adorable just want a crossbow look at that you made me kill.

Myself out of anguish I’m gonna push this off fire fire fire just a flash checkpoint sure remember to use potions you only have like four of those no I don’t oh fuck I have to retake the stockroom yeah we don’t need.
To see was ro Shalom’s Shabazz there are no bombs seaplanes append.

Oh yeah okay smokey fuck it up the recording yeah where’s bizarro I’m gonna kick his daughter with fire but where is he should be here shebang that’s weird I don’t know anyway I don’t know either well dang that’s al is almost down yeah bombchu exploding let’s just forget about them dance from earlier what this Jim I think it’s time we returned Jim okay you know what happened to your voice but you need to get back.

Into character I’m trying bro it’s fucking sucks if you want go to my room you were bad there’s was a row but there’s a weasel over there now see momma always said that if you don’t have interrelations with your relatives.

That makes you a magic I think that’s I think that’s what happened with our cousin cherlene Charlene why you gotta be so mean alright Sharlee chirlane was not mean to you you’re the one that punched her in the.

Couch horses got fuck are you doing start casting shit all she did was just say that you shouldn’t be touching her and get in the couch in.

You you like okay potent ugh fucking touch touch I don’t know what just happened look I found him he’s over here in this keep oh you stuck him in a corner okay yeah he deserves it he’s dead why is moving that’s right keep bent over like that I’m gonna stick my dick in that wizard wizard some say it’s a magic hole oh it also sounds like magical magical magical magic cult which am I saying I’m saying magical magical here I come no not go in and put my.

Dick you’ve got the whole congrats wait magic to stone spires have a better whatever freedom hey if we can finally live we did it we did it we did it we did it.

Yeah yeah yeah okay come here let’s have high speed run sex Lana okay running circles family Faron woods of a woman leading a resistance and.

And this is how you do sex in a warrior’s game huh no bitch you clingy I’m knows that difficulty level hard times five I got fire ride five five five five yes beer sword gosh Daffy got short hammer guy softball.

Glove all kinds of bullshit 13 features of the illustration hey I don’t see any tits it’s not.

Your head metal because you is dressed as a porch Farren wood recommends fire five five five five damn it links the only one with another car.

I got a push start again no yeah I do but uh you gotta turn your controllers back on I guess they were on there we go player two has.

Joined trace they suggest the ship rod of shitty shit shit missed like a major sword hold on I need to bizarre it up guys we’re gonna bizaar.

It up and next time we’ll be back.