How To Fix Damaged Or Corrupt Sd Cards In Windows 10

How To Fix Damaged Or Corrupt Sd Cards In Windows 10

December 8, 2018 0 By compu tech

Hi guys stated here from one step at a time and today I’m going to be showing you how to fix your SD cards corrupted ones ones you can’t farm at I have a video on how to format 64 gigabyte SD cards and I know it’s in the comments that some people are having problems with formatting them or corruption.

Or just certain issues so I just thought I’d quickly go over our way of hopefully fixing it so I’m I suppose way to get Krakens the first thing you’re going to need to.

Do is open the command line prompt we’re going to be using this for to check out this so do that and you.

Can either click on your search bar and type in CMD and hit enter or easiest way I find to suppress your window key it’s just to the left of your space bar so press.

That and Exce and you’ll get this list and then just going.

To command prompt admin and then if yes and then you here what we’re going to do we’re gonna run a check.

On the disk so you have to have your dis protein so.

We launch insert your SD card that’s cropped ashore and once you have if you’re unsure what drive letter resinous and just hit the Windows key again on your keyboard for sex I’m going to dis management and in here list all of your this USB has T’s hard drives and these are my ones here so it’s shown you here this Dec unallocated that’s my 16 year with USB this is my external drive here go on.
Down here because this is it’s a little 4 gigabyte SD card.

That I have plugged in at the moment and it’s this we’re going to be using so I can see here that it’s ok so this is very important make sure you pick the right one.
Don’t put in anything because if you delete or repartition reformat.

Or do anything inside here remove all of your stuff so just be double sure.

That this is USD once you’re happy that that is just minimize – and in here what we’re going.

To do going to scan and fix at the same time so we’re just gonna go up chk tsks sauce check disk and then you’re gonna go forward slash f4 fix space and.

Then you’re going to write in your drive letter so ok : what happens is as soon as.

I hit enter it’s gonna run a check if there’s any problems or errors and hopefully it should fix them so I’m just gonna hit enter and as you can see when to scan the filesystem found no problems no further action is required so there was nothing found if there was any errors or anything and this might actually help might just fix your SD card in which case you can.

Go back out and try it if your error just press the red a exists or just type exists and hit enter and that’ll back yo for that if this hasn’t worked then the next bit is we’re going to just wipe the disk this will remove anything from viruses Trojans anything on us remove all your files all the partitions volumes everything so like I said make sure again what we want to do everyone use this.

Pack for this so just type in di sk RT and hit enter and as you can see it’s changed from windows system32 and it’s gone and it’s gone it to my computer then just first I’ll just expand this a little.

Bit and in here then what we want to do is want to list the disk so this disk and in here as you can see again there’s its Liston this is my C if you’re unsure once again just come in here it’s disc 3 so I know there’s my SD card is industry so just minimize that again so then in here then you want to.

Select that the that you want to work on so just post select straight and hit.

Enter and then it says this three is no the selected disk so everything we do for no one will be on this three.

Such as school yeah and then in here what we’re going to do is were going to do a clean so once again better to check twice and.

Then to wipe out some hard drive or something that you need so once you’re happy and you have the right disk picked just type in clean I’ll just show you on here it’ll tell you it’s successfully done and as you can see.

See it’s it’s removed issue and it’s on other cases so that’s wiped everything for us if there was any issues on us that should have claims or hope the next thing you want to do is the only thing this won’t do is it won’t farm as if your SD card is over 32 gigabytes I don’t think they fix that in Windows 10 and maybe if someone knows I don’t have a 64 gigabyte SD card lying around so and there’s no way for sure for.

It so maybe if you can let me know in the comments and push once you’ve.

Cleaned this you can either go back off you can watch my other video on how to farm message if it’s under 32 gigabytes on quickly show you here how to format it so or we don’t do is create a partition first so we’re just gonna say create partition primary and and it creates a primary partition as you can see it’s created a partition the only thing is.

We have them formatted as just create a partition so what I want to do is format it so if you want a formatter to 430 2x verse NTFS you can just do whatever here so and Tufano just go for mash I send then it’s file system equals and.

Then pick whichever one you want so if it’s X fast so for this I’m just want to go for 32 no you can’t.

Put a label on this at the mall if you want so.

Is I’m just gonna put a label on Abel equals so what it’s going to do is it’ll for Nash my LSD carrot now to fact that she jokes it’s what I use in my camera so my labels going to be new once.

You’re happy hit enter 0 some st. complete so this is the slow way of donor but if.

You’ve had an issue with your SD card or anything like that and this is the best way to do it because it will check all of the blocks and stuff like that and to do a proper job for many years and there is an option to make it quick now if you’ve a large.

SD card this can take a just saw I suggest going often I don’t know having a few cups with coffee watching a video or something because you can take an hour at least so having said that if you want to do quick all you have to do at the back of this is at the.

End of label new just put a gap space and like quick and.

It would literally be done in less than 10 seconds I hope that solves your problem it should fix your SD cares when you turn around to go using them again it.

Should have worked any issues or fixed them so if it is hit the like button subscribe you want guys and I will see you on the next video cheers bye.