Storm Collectibles Smoke Mortal Kombat Nycc Exclusive Action Figure Review

Storm Collectibles Smoke Mortal Kombat Nycc Exclusive Action Figure Review

December 23, 2018 0 By AnthonysCustoms

Hey what’s up guys this is Anthony from Anthony’s customs and for this review we are looking at the storm collectibles New York Comic Con exclusive Mortal Kombat smoke figure which is another repaint but you know people are complaining about these repaints I guess and I don’t quite understand it the characters are literally repaint their recallers of the original.

Characters at least that’s how they started that’s what they’re gonna be you you wouldn’t want to not have the rest of the ninjas why is it a problem for some people that they’re.

Making the ninjas I understand wanting other characters but to say that they shouldn’t be making these is asinine as.

Far as I’m concerned how bad.

How much better is it to have all of them than it is to only have a few it’s a hundred percent better that’s a fact you can google it you couldn’t I made that up.

But you get what I’m saying I I don’t get it I don’t get it at all I like these.

Things and this one’s maybe one of the better one so let’s go ahead and get them off the stand and take a closer look this guy stands just shy of seven inches which makes him just about seventeen and.

A half centimeters give or take right around there same figure as before it’s the same exact figure as before except the color it is a repaint as I said I’m okay with it if you’re not then you’re probably not watching this review anyway.

Here’s the interesting thing though we have had a few issues here and there with the QC on these guys know.

More this one is like perfect QC wise I don’t know if they did that on purpose or if it’s just coincidence or what but this guy in rain flawless articulation maneuverability we’ll get to that in a second first let’s talk accessories we have of course the interchangeable face masks we have the cloth and the whatever you want to call.

It we have a bunch of different hands to fist hands to.

Karate chop hands one gripping hand still don’t really need that to kind of clenchy hands and then to kind of style pose hands.

We have four smoke effects that connect to him two that go around the wrist two around the ankles and then we have one that is just.

Goes on the floor and these are all translucent plastic with relatively heavy blackish translation black and then a little bit of gray on there also pretty cool looking I like.

Them as far as the ones that go on the wrists no problem at all the risks are made to come off or the hands are made to come off obviously so that’s fine the ankles they are ball pegs I was very hesitant to try to swap them take the feet off and put the smoke effects on and there appears to be a crack in the plastic still.

But the ankles are still stiff and I have moved them around and taken them off multiple times now there’s no issue so at least as far as mine is concerned again do this at your own risk and use caution I had no trouble taking the feet off.

To put the smoke effects around the ankles so I can say it works but it could possibly end up being a loose joint for somebody out there but for me it works and that’s all I can attest to.

All right as far as the paint job goes it’s pretty straightforward the the ghee is metallic I’m not sure why it’s metallic I think it’s because in later games he had more of a metallic look but I’m pretty sure originally it was just gray and it’s questionably dark to me I don’t mind but that’s.

Because it’s metallic so it ends up looking lighter I could see other people not being pleased with it especially the hardcore Mortal Kombat people I’m more of just a person who appreciates the game rather than like a serious fan of Mortal Kombat and if that makes any sense so I’m okay with it I mean it.

Seems okay to me I could definitely understand some of the complaints but I’m okay with it then the skin still looks good and then there’s still this kind of dry brushy look to the.

Plastic everywhere else so relatively basic color scheme but still looks really nice it seems to me that at least in the camera it looks especially nice with these harsh lights hitting and.

Hitting the metallic parts so I don’t know it looks cool to me I’m okay with it articulations exactly the same but functional it’s still double ball peg for the neck still gives you a gap when.

You look up because of how far down inside the head the ball.

Peg connects when you look up you do get gapping but otherwise it’s perfectly functional so no problems there shoulders are connected on a big ball peg so they still move all the way around and we still have our hinge that lets them go all the way up.

Really nicely no problem at all full rotation all the joints are just so creamy and nice.

Very good this is still super flexible by the way bicep swivel is fine double jointed elbow works really nicely wrists no problems at all swapping out the hands I didn’t have any ball pegs come out of the wrists so that’s really nice so you have the ball peg.
And the hinge very nicely done floating wrist pieces very nice.

Single maybe double ball peg in the upper torso no stiffness beyond what it should be so I really like that lower torso let me make sure I grab the right stuff can i grab their yeah lower torso again no exceedingly stiff problems that’s really nice full rotation no squeaking no chirping that’s very good bringing the hips all the way out to the side better than horizontal still the best.

Hip range motion movement out of any figure this size that I’ve.

Ever reviewed it’s fantastic that’s because they just use a big old ball peg in there with a standard socket so that’s nice when it’s done right that’s a really effective joint ball pegs are really underutilized I think in action figures these days really good range going forward and back it’s tricky to get the right tolerance in the ball.

Peg to make it work properly but when you do boy is it effective you do get a thigh swivel in there just a little bit not a ton.

Double jointed knees perfectly creamy movement very nice V I’m.

Telling you as far as QC goes none have been better yet this is this is really good and then for the ankle we have the hinge and the ball peg combination which is still not the best range ever but functionally it’s really well executed on this guy you do get a little bit of range for an ankle rocker type motion but minimal then you have your toe hinge which is still block but very very.

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