Danganronpa Thh: Insomnia, Ye Foul Beast! – Part 2

Danganronpa Thh: Insomnia, Ye Foul Beast! – Part 2

December 27, 2018 0 By Beanie and The Beard

Howdy partners how’s it going dudes we’re playin dang revoir yeah we’re continuing we’re gonna keep it going I’ll be honest it’s kind of off to a slow start but I’m sure it’ll get better it was really tired cuz he didn’t sleep last night I could not sleep I was laying there and laying there and laying there and I.

Just couldn’t see ya so I just got up and I texted a poopa like 5:00 in the morning being like I.

Was so fucking loopy oh hey what is it wait what did you say cuz I know it was fucking funny see damn you ain’t saamne you fool loosen that crab-boat grasp upon me.

Yes you foul beast you foul Beast loosen dygraf grasp upon me alright anyway we’re getting back into this result you have been selected and we invite you to join us at the ultimate lucky I mean really fucking tired the ultimate Stu ultimate this ultimate that they.

Spelled it out plains day I got invited by pure luck yeah my.

Looks sad it’s pretty high it’s about about a.

72 yeah poopy honestly I probably would have been better off just declined their offer oh that’s great what a great jesus fucking christ.

It was like instantly hit me cuz we’re pretty close together I’m pretty close to the fucking mic great start guys oh my it’s still lingering I thought it honestly I probably would have been better off just think I read that laughs cheering our graduating was a guarantee force exist leader in love I just couldn’t say no we’re sorry guys but then actually standing there front of the school ellipses I started to feel lost like I didn’t belong there I could feel myself losing my nerve but.

Still I just I can’t just stand here in front of the gate forever I mean he probably could she’s turned into a statue yeah yeah frozen place murmuring to myself I looked down at the acceptance letter clutched in my hand it said there’d be a meeting for all the incoming students in the main hall at 8:00 a.

The meeting still isn’t for a little while but I should probably just hit it I don’t all you squeeze it out there yeah yeah let’s do this how did.
He since my secret technique I gather of all determination.

And tried to act like I’d done this a million times before and I took my first step towards the main hall footsteps this is where we’re supposed to be right I guess I’m the first one here there’s a really elegant clock over in the corner it says 7:10 I am the meeting doesn’t start until 8 o’clock so there’s still a full 50 minutes left Wow Thanks we totally couldn’t do the math or quick math no wonder I belong here makes sense nobody else beer yet I was so wound up I got here way too early.

Man look fucking foot there your foots broken oh noes I have plenty of time before the meeting.

Just standing around waiting isn’t exactly what I would something I buzz it.

Isn’t exactly does this have bad translations if it does this might actually be gold I should take a look around the school maybe that’ll help me calm down.

A little yeah maybe it will I am a student here now so there shouldn’t be any me having a look around right cannot get some time if nothing else do what kind of socks are you fucking wearing they’re cooking burritos with the peppers that is cool.

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