Glove Box Hook For Tesla Owners – Installation

Glove Box Hook For Tesla Owners – Installation

December 31, 2018 0 By EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories

In order to assemble the glovebox hook we take the velcro back strap that comes attached to the hook and pass it through these two slots in the back of the foam disk just like this we didn’t take the velcro and we attach it to the back of the strap like this you’ll know that we try to attach a.

Relatively small amount of the velcro so that we increase strap length we’re now ready to install inside the glovebox installing the glovebox hook is very simple we place the disk inside the glovebox.

Pushing it back as far as we can we take the strap loop it over the top of the glovebox with the smooth side of the strap facing upward and then holding the strap.

Down we close the door like that and we are.

Then take the articulating hooks open them up so that we can hang two things from it or we can close the hooks to give them a little bit more strength and hang a purse or a light bag of groceries from them.