Current Lifestyle Favorites | Makeup, Accessories, Cleaning | Olivia Zapo

Current Lifestyle Favorites | Makeup, Accessories, Cleaning | Olivia Zapo

January 1, 2019 0 By Olivia Zapo

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be my September favorites I cannot believe we are already in October and I’m already saying September favorites it’s nuts now that October is officially here I wanted to talk about my September favorites and you guys know I like to do these favorites videos to show lifestyle.

Favorites so I’ve got a little bit of everything here I’m talking beauty makeup food cleaning supplies accessories like I said it kind of covers the full spectrum here but they truly are lifestyle favorites.

And truly some things that I found that I loved over the course of the last month so let’s.

Get started the first thing I wanted to cover is something that I feel like a lot of people on YouTube have been talking about and I’m either late to the game or I’m jumping on the bandwagon I don’t know but I’ve been loving tatcha skin care over the course of the last month I think that’s how you pronounce it so you can get this at Sephora and I’ve been addicted I actually started by picking up travel sizes of both of these products.

So this is the Tasha deep cleanse facial cleanser and then this is the water creme facial moisturizer the water creme is so lightweight and like just goes on your skin.

Literally like water it feels so good and the deep cleanse has a tiny bit of soft exfoliant in it but.

Really helps like clear up my skin I have been having some crazy hormonal breakouts over the last few weeks and this stuff has definitely helped clear my skin like I said I.

Travel sizes of both of these at first and it was actually a combo that came with these two products like this stacked up for 25 dollars in the trouble size so totally worth it to test it out and see if you like it I actually bought that and fell in love and then ended up.

Getting the full size of both of these as well I also have the Tatra silk canvas primer this stuff is amazing it really makes.

Your skin feel so silky smooth it’s so soft and like just luxurious feeling it lays a great base for any makeup you that you’re gonna put over it and it’s kind of like the nice finishing touch after you moisturize so I’ve been using that I just have like a little travel-size of it here and then recently I also got a small bottle of the pure Camellia I think that’s how you pronounce it.

This is great for taking off your makeup at the end of the day I love it the whole line if you can’t tell I’ve been addicted to over the.

Last month I will probably be picking up more from them as well that I had to give them a shout out first and.

Foremost because it’s something I’m actively been using every single day for a few weeks now the next product is another beauty product that I discovered during the month of September and it’s the benefit brow contour pro pencil so this pencils super cool because it’s actually like one of those old school pencils we used to use when we were kids that has like the.

Little colors you push down this brow pencil has two different shades for the actual color of your brows.

You can use to kind of carve out your brows after you sell them in it has a highlighter so you can add that for a little.

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