Podcast Webinar With Tony Agnesi, Inspirational Speaker, Author, And Broadcaster.

Podcast Webinar With Tony Agnesi, Inspirational Speaker, Author, And Broadcaster.

January 1, 2019 0 By Philly Mercedarian

Hello everyone thank you for joining us this is an the Santos I’m the director for the st. Raymond nonnatus foundation for freedom family and faith and we are a very important part spiritually and you know through of the mercy darian religious order and we have with us father Kenneth dream who is one of our priests and we are.

So grateful that he is with us this evening I’m happy to.

Be here hello father yeah happy to be here and so glad we could be especially.

They have Tony with us and anyway of course when I introduce Tony in just a minute so we thank everyone that is.

Joining us on both live and also for those who will be joining us on YouTube later on hello thank you for being here the seek remand or not is Foundation as I.

Mentioned is we are our diversity religious order is who we are associate we will use the word associated with.

But it’s of much more than that the merced area religious order is something that maybe father ken can even give us a little bit of a briefing on since he’s been a part of it for much longer than even i have and our foundation is all about the strengthening of.

Family life the strengthening updates and also really a big outreach to families who are in going through some type of crisis families who are going through some type of difficulty our initial mission has been two families that.

Affected by divorce although it doesn’t doesn’t end there it’s word the strengthening of individual faith and family life so i also would like to welcome our wonderful guests this evening that would be tony Ignacia tony is an inspirational speaker an author and also a Hall of Fame broadcaster I am so delighted to have Tony this evening for this webinar so thank you so much to both father Ken who will give us a briefing on the merced.

Airy religious order and then we’ll get.

Right to our webinar so fire ken do you have anything that you want to share with us about the merced area religious or as you were saying in this whole foundation the st.

For freedom family and faith is in some sense a an apostolic outreach or an apostolic expression of our mercy Darian charism we were founded to come to the Christians who are in danger of denying their faith and we needed to do everything we could to free them we first we begged for.
Alms to pay for their release from being held as captives and we didn’t.

Have enough we were there or prepared to take their place so we continue that same spirit in action by doing everything.

We can to help Christians who are in any situation where it’s there’s a risk for their faith and we can see in our culture in a society today that what’s attacking the faith the most is the disintegration of the integrity of the family life so this is why they’re our first expression especially if you add on top of the secularization and you had on top of that.

Is involved in losing their the stability of their relationship with separation divorce or if there’s a remarriage without annulment all these are making it even more difficult for people to live their faith in following our Lord so we are doing what we can and making this outreach to make it possible to support and help families sue to grow in faith and free.

Them from what holds them back from living it and so I think you like you said we want to start.

With a prayer so maybe that would be a good.

Thing to do before we go into Tony found good it sounds wonderful would you like to lead us in that prayer sure well let’s begin a name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen God our Father in Heaven you are the giver of every good gift and we thank you not only for the gift of life but even more new life in.

Your son Jesus Christ who had redeemed us from all slavery the slavery of sin we ask your blessing upon this moment that we are sharing in this webinar to help strengthen families and living their faith and free them from.

Anything that’s holding them back and we asked your blessings upon Tony as he shares about his life and experience and in our prayer and our hope that it helps all of us to live more fully our faith in a beautiful family of the family of Christ we ask this Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord amen amen name of the Father.

Son and spirit amen once again I thank Tony so much for being here and father.
Ken and all of you thank you for.

Being here and I just want to leave our website information for those who are.

Listening on youtube or right.

Now Tony’s website is ww2 knee agony c-calm AG and ESI dot-com he has a brand new book that we’re.

Going to talk about which he will discuss the merced area religious order website is is WWE order of mercy org especially anyone who’s out there may be interested in a vocation please check it out and lastly our own book our own website is wwm not a org and onn a tus org so please stay in touch Tony thank you so much for being here I’m so excited no I guess it was maybe five or six years ago that Tony and I became acquainted on.

Facebook or LinkedIn one of those and the one thing that really brought me to wanting to learn more about Tony was the that we shared something in common and that was the.

Fact that we both would have a heart for evangelizing Christians but Catholics as well and I know Tony’s going to.

Evangelization to Catholics some important you know bringing people to Christ and you know through prayer through our lives but Tony’s going to talk a lot about that and about his new wonderful book which I absolutely love it’s called the storytellers guide to a graceful life on Amazon and I know that.

At the end of this broadcast he’s going to talk to us about how to get that book because.

It’s a great book and I have it on Kindle and I absolutely love it thank you thank.

You Lib thank you very much thank you Father and and for the folks who are joining us it’s wonderful that you’re here and given up some time here on a Thursday night and I’ll try to leave some time for.

Some questions and so forth but yeah I am I am an evangelist in the sense that that people call my books soft evangelization or pop evangelization and they say that kind of with the dig that it’s a negative thing and I don’t think so at all I think it’s a very positive thing you know the Catholic Church let’s face it we have we are.

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