Alexander Povetkin Says He Will Be On Anthony Joshua Undercard In April!! Maybe Luis Ortz?!!

Alexander Povetkin Says He Will Be On Anthony Joshua Undercard In April!! Maybe Luis Ortz?!!

January 1, 2019 0 By Sporting Icons

Hello Steven Tyler who are watching sporting icon right Thank You sindermann for sending me this article Alexander Povetkin has taken to social media and while Twitter to be precise via his promotional company of world of boxing of course it will which is a owned by Rybinsk II and he said that he fully expects to be out again in.

London in April when is that that will be on April 13th Wembley Stadium and through Joshua was on the card and.

This is what I signed a Povetkin had to say I have a desire to keep on I’m in good shape in good mood I’m not going to stop I will have about most likely in April in London I don’t know with whom yet it’s hard to say how many more I’ll have depends on my mood until now I have it so that is.

Alexander Povetkin statement so that is of course fire Rybinsk II as well now a lot of people were saying that maybe he’s gonna retire now he’s lost because of his age.

Is quite difficult to climb back.

Up the rankings again and get another world title shot but Povetkin is still ranked number three in the world number three whether we agree with that whether you don’t.

That is how it is so he maybe two fights down the road he may be able to get in line for a monetary position again and always got do he’s challenged one of the other mandatories and hey.

Presto now who is it that he’s got a fight on April the 13th well again a.

Lot of that is going to be dependent on who it is that only Joshua’s.

Gonna fight if he’s gonna fight then I’m white then maybe perfect universe Chisora or whoever else it may be maybe gets Dave Allen you never know right so there’s plenty of options for him especially here in the UK now with the whole Joshua verse Povetkin fire obviously with world of boxing Rybinsk II Eddie Hearn and their team seem to have struck a bit of a.

Relationship so Povetkin is kind of part of Matt’s room now much like Joseph Parker is so I don’t know about contracts etc but and I do know that.

They are working together and that’s pretty much what it wasn’t they said that here on after they will be working together and most.

Likely on Joseph Parker when he lost – where he went back onto a mat room card as a headline pay-per-view against Dylan white Alexander Povetkin could do exactly the same but of course he won’t be the headliner I suppose he probably could be but if he’s.

Gonna be fighting on April they don’t see he’s gonna be undercard fight all right and but and especially if that’s gonna be his next fight as well which is quite a while what quite a while away but again who’s it going to be no idea hopefully hopefully how about this throw this little one out.
There with Louis Ortiz talking.

About a 3/5 mega deal with Eddie Hearn to return to mat room how about Alexander.
Povetkin verse King Kong Lewis or T’s how about that.

One very very possible that’s a fight that I would love I know you guys would love and I’m pretty.

Sure Eddie Hearn would love to put on the Joshua undercut Alexander Povetkin burst King Kong Luis Ortiz now.

Of course these guys have a little bit of history they go back to the amateurs where Alexander Povetkin he knocked out Luis Ortiz in the amateurs in the first round so maybe Ortiz would like a little bit of revenge or maybe he doesn’t even remember that it was example beckoned but we didn’t even know know about each other at that time but either way yeah as I reckon he’s not retiring he’s on the mission he’s going to carry on he’s not doing it because he needs the money you don’t need the.

Money’s part of world of boxing these.

Guys are minted all right so anyway just get that news out there for.

You all that Alexander Povetkin will return and he will return on the anthea Joshua undercut against who we don’t know but let’s see if it’s King Kong.

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