New Sourceforge Layout!!!

New Sourceforge Layout!!!

January 2, 2019 0 By PizzaLovingNerd

Hey what’s up Pizza over nerd here today I will be showing you on SourceForge the news source forage so they recently revamped the whole site so yeah pretty cool if you ask me anyway so let’s first talk about the issues of the site well one it is very slow just takes forever to load but I’m pretty sure this.
Isn’t beta I think I don’t know so yeah okay so I disclosed that but it’s.

Not a very responsive design and.

I hope they fix that because this is pretty much super slow yeah so see it’s it’s a cool design it’s just it’s super slow so let’s look at this let’s click on it so the software area looks pretty cool so this is a piece.

Of software that makes screen anything in a window okay so the software way out is pretty cool and it has your files I love the theming over this it’s just too slow for me as he views now if I want were to want to download this how do I switch.

My mirror let’s see right click the download button oh it’s I can I still switch it you because I always switch it to one in my area miss downloading.

Here this I will switch to super be is it’s the fastest so yeah you can’t switch mirrors okay um so let’s look at the search so if I were to search country which is an unknown Linux distro um just because I can’t think of anything else here it is so got the icon there it’s like five word description name and.

The full description and a/c project button so yeah this is a very cool looking way out it’s just the problem with it is on it is very slow that I’m going to keep saying that even if it looks cool it can’t be this slow but it could be my internet speed good at deals speaking of internet speed after I.

Show you that oh the deal section is pretty cool looking okay mm I’m on window I’m on the next sorry so if we go back to just normal sourceforge.

net as you could see there’s an internet speed test to which.

I’m not going to do because it shows my IP so yes this is a pretty cool pretty cool source for enjoy out right now I would prefer the old one because of how slow this is however if they can make this faster or if my internet decides to become faster this has a lot of potential so yeah thank you for watching.
This video and I am out thank you much so much for watching..