Emerald Cup 2017 – Stop #5 – Dr Zymes & Mammoth Microbes – Cannabis Growing Nutrients & Pest Control

Emerald Cup 2017 – Stop #5 – Dr Zymes & Mammoth Microbes – Cannabis Growing Nutrients & Pest Control

January 2, 2019 0 By The Contact Buzz

All right so if you’re growing you’re gonna need to want to know well you have to know about fungicides insecticides preventative care things that you want to maintain so that you end up with the results that you’re looking for at the end and it’s inch by inch looking at the details the lovely lady next to me is going.

Bit more about how to do that responsibly yes I will take this my I’m Samantha I work for the amazing doctors I’m I’m the administrative assistant I’ve.

Been working for the doctor times.

For about six months now we’re an all-natural Omri listed insecticide and fungicide so our product works best as a preventative method to prevent your plants from having Russert my spider mites bud rot powdery mildew all of that stuff so so our product definitely works best as a preventative you can use it from seed to harvest the entire time that if you do that it’s honestly going to work best but if you already do have an issue like resset mites for example our product.

Does work you just kind of have to hit them a little bit harder like after a few days it isn’t it’s a non-contact product so.

It does actually have to make contact with the insects and the.

Eggs and the larvae and everything exactly yeah exactly and so yeah because it is Omri listed so it’s organic so you do kind of help that you have to keep hitting it until the problems gone it’s not like a pesticide where you can spray it once and you’re good to go you do.

To spray it but you don’t want any poison you want your plant you want your products be organic so non-realistic definitely guarantees that if you’re using our product and you’re using it correctly that it will be an organic.

Product so yeah now tell me where do we find yourself how do the people out there find your stuff well you can go online to the amazing doctors.
I’m calm you can order just directly through us.

Your PayPal we do also have like a store locator so you type in your address we’re in Laytonsville which.

County so yes we’re definitely in the moment we are in the heart of it in the heart of Mendocino County.

So we do have a store locator so you can just type in your address because we do sell across the whole country type in your address and we’ll tell you where the closest store is we also have some distributors we have Hydrofarm sunlight supply and spare time there are three biggest online distributors so you can go through them as well yes thank you for the thank you all right now we roll up on the mammoth booth and I want to tell you if you haven’t already heard these guys are.

Putting on some cool stuff because it’s increasing yields like by big percentages and there’s a reason behind it there’s a science behind it and what I want to do is I want to let Josie the mammoth expert break it down for us okay because you want bigger yields you want bigger flowers more pretty flowers more THC you really need to understand how microbials work talk to me girl hi I’m Josie I work for me with microbes I’m their Oregon rep so a little bit.

About mammoth mammoth was developed on a trait selection platform for a functionality of cycling phosphorus so what mammoth does is that’s fungi right no it’s all bacteria bacteria okay mammoth is just four different strains of bacteria and with alfalfa meal and these bacteria were specifically selected to cycle phosphorus so out of thousands of different strains they picked these four they work best together in concert so these strengths as they they’re gonna cycle phosphorus.

They make all other nutrients more like bioavailable for your plants to uptake we’re able to guarantee that we can increase yield by 16% because it’s developed at Colorado State University so we’re 16% that’s.

What we claimed but some growers are seeing up to 24 or 36 percent we you know they’re seeing more than that but we’re able to claim 16 percent hold on one second we were having a conversation on the drive over here what was a substantial percentage okay let me just put it to you this way 15% to 24% increase in yield yeah that makes a big difference continue I’m sorry sir it’s also an inoculant it’s gonna uh knock you.

Late the rise of fear and it’s an enzyme so you can use it for cloning as well you don’t need to really go above one milliliter.

Per gallon with this stuff it’s super super concentrated form of microbes cool and I mean Oregon’s really.

Blowing up with the technology with nutrients like nectar of the Gods as well and and how does this work with those guys it just it just works with anybody right so mammoths you can use it with it’s compatible with any.

Really cool thing about mammoths also is that you can come you can use it with synthetics which you know some microbes you can’t so you can compare it with kills them right yeah it will kill them exactly mammoths they will not kill it it’s very very strong strain of bacteria they can survive that.

Super bacteria sure yes yes where can people find this is this everywhere now I mean tell me about give us your.

Website and tell us where we can find this stuff yeah so we are in all we’re in like every retail anhidrosis or out there well not everyone we’re trying to get out there we just got opened up in California so you guys can find us out here now yeah we’re good we’re getting out there just go to.
Your local hydro retail store and if we’re not in they’re asking.

About us find out more info at WWF champ I G at man with my groups cool we’ll have all that stuff down below in the information so check it out thank.
You very much Josie really appreciate it thank you..