Phone Dashboard Mount Affordable And Easy To Install- How To!

Phone Dashboard Mount Affordable And Easy To Install- How To!

January 3, 2019 0 By exoman

Hey hey so I have this mount that I put on my dashboard for my phone and it’s pretty easy and pretty cool and we’ll see if you want one okay so you have to check out the video hey everyone it’s EXO man and I just wanted to show you a little gadget that I bought this is a a.

Mount and as you can see I’ve got I’ve taken the backing off of that and that is an adhesive so I’m going to take this adhesive this is a little swiveling mount and I’m going to mount.

It onto my dash right here and just see I’ve already checked this out oh that’s that’s a done deal not gonna reposition that I’ve already made sure that my shift lever will clear my phone.

When I put my phone right here but this is a phone now so that’s on there and now I’m going to take this which is a steel a magnetic metal and that’s going to this is going to stick to the back of my phone.

Case and then I can mount my phone there so let’s see how that works okay so I’ve got a little alcohol and I’m going to clean my.

Phone case just like I did the dashboard cuz you don’t want to have any oils or dirt its way of the adhesive pad okay so now that is dry and I’m going to peel this cover off of the adhesive on here take this and drop it about right there press that on that dryclean area and then let’s see how she works okay now I can.

Swivel this alright that’s pretty good so it’s out of the way of my leg and my hand.

It’s not perfect but it is out of the way yeah I’m not touching it good deal Mia now I can stick.

My charger in here and I’m good to go you can swivel this just about any way you want yeah I like it hands-free and that’s how you install a phone mount at least this kind of I bought.

It on the Amazon for a few dollars very very affordable and I’m used to throwing my phone down here and I’m getting tired of it falling beside the you know the console here you’re losing my.

Phone and my friend just told me he lost his phone and he was going back to restaurants and stores where he had been ended up finding his phone down beside his seat so this will help prevent that I might share this video with Jim all right thanks for watching everyone.

Well by the way that is farm girl’s phone well who’s fun would it be you want to get one of these mounts yeah.