Come Primark Shopping With Me / New In November Autumn 2018 / Christmas Jumpers & Winter Accessories

Come Primark Shopping With Me / New In November Autumn 2018 / Christmas Jumpers & Winter Accessories

January 4, 2019 0 By The feel good mum

Oh-hoo-hoo there’s anyone left ah makes me one even Mormon as anyone so the moral of this story here is if you want pom-pom hat come here there’s loads I don’t need to tell it to myself anymore I really like it I think that absolutely nailing it for bags at the moment Sano I know him that’s a rather special.

Jumper hello good morning today I’m heading off to pry markets being a month since the last time.

I was in so I thought I’m gonna head in see what they’ve got for this month but.

Before I quickly show you what I’m wearing it’s a very dark day so I apologize about the lighting at this moment but this jump here is from Topshop I love the color and a fit.

Really nice my jeans from new look I’ve been wearing he’s a lot but yes they’re very comfy I like them a lot and my black converse now last time.

I was in Primark I saw a good few converse Jeeps so yeah let’s go.

And see what other tips there are what bargains there are and what there is for November also I’ve got a little bit.

Of a cold going on so I’m sorry about the nasal miss right here we are clipped the window it’s.

To Stacey Solomon range I’ve had a look at this on Instagram and there’s some nice bit so go another look at that a little bit of Stacey there we go let’s get in oh oh yes so fret under stall we have this Stacey.

Solomon range of just on a quick Ricky and and I can’t believe how much new stuff there is from a month ago there is loads so I’m going to try and go fast but hopefully not too fast second coffee pub save it’s a little bit fast sorry about that so let’s see what a the where to begin so much not.

Stuff there’s a blue and grey black leopardprint jumper I actually really like coloured leopard print so this is right up my street how much is that 13 pounds a nice long length leopard print long sleeve yet long sleeve.

Dress a wrap around again with Stacy range 22 pounds and then the same but in a roll neck how much is that one six pounds green pocket I think I’ve seen Stacy actually wearing this one it looks really nice on her not quite my kind of thing but it is a nice kind of green let’s.

See how much that one is is 25 now if you’re after a beanie or bubble hat Primark is absolutely RAM fill you know show you order hats later but.

One it’s not it’s kind of like beads on like a shiny bead really like that it’s nice and thick – I’m just that one cool pounds again I’ve seen Stacy modeling this one quite like the colors how much is that ten pounds a nice green roll it has anyone left makes me wonder even Mormon is anyone how much that see ten pounds.

That’s nice oh yes a pink horn I absolutely love this color I love pink I love roll necks I think I’m gonna have to try this one how much is this ten.
Pounds and on the model they’ve paired it with this skirt this.

I have nowhere to wear it but I love it this how much shadows 13 it is beautiful it’s very Christmas party they’ve also got the same kind of vibe in a top it I think it’s slightly cropped and then some clots dog houses Wow I may.

Have to try them on just for fun how much are these that’s eight pounds of the top and bottoms are 13 oh yeah she’s got it on there wow it’s a quick pan of this front section so you can have a look-see okay quite liking this coat over here big black and white check with the big pockets and I have to.

Cable-knit Rolex orange blue and grey and they’re 13 pounds that on this wall they’re more row necks but this is like a really soft material so.

There’s a cream the gray and then that deep kind of red wine color it’s already nice and.

Soft it’s not too thick it’s quite thin so one for layering but I’m gonna try one of those on a.
Point like this color 13 pounds so on this stand is.

Like chenille e-type roll neck roll next round neck jumpers if you can see if I do a close-up you can see the type of material it is there’s all different colors as a mustard blue green and that kind of pinky color it’s more pink.

But when it’s not on camera I really like the stripy one and the black and white stripes I’m about to try that one these are all 10 pounds yeah all these different colors but I like this one very nice wonder how it wash is such a.

Mum so we’ve got some sneaky bits here we’ve.

Got a skirt and it’s a dress a dress as well long dress 25 and the skirt is 18 so for puffer coats and puffer jackets that I showed.

You last time they’re all pretty much the same I don’t knows anything.

Much that’s new but there is this color which I don’t think was here last time it’s kind of like an olive green with the green fluff I quite like that one it’s a 25 yes 25 so I’ve arrived in the scarf and hat section and there’s quite a lot so what I’m going to do is quickly pan around.

What there is I’m really liking the black and white houndstooth scarf there where.

Else do we have loving that one but have one similar from last year.

I’m gonna see what’s around this side all the plain ones again so they were in last time it’s fines McNew nice kind of smoked a he wintry type ones Czech rinds and loving the red back him right oh this is nice so it’s reversible it’s got the leopard print on one side and then the gray check on the other side.

That’s a bit different how much does that one eight pound say one day leopard one day check nice oh and again the sing with that one I think that’s reversible cheetah it’s got like a zigzag on one side and then the houndstooth on the other that’s nice like that as well how much is this one that’s eight pounds two got ones with gems on a bit.

Of lacy bit there oh this is nice oh it’s pink blue and gray a bit purple too how much is that one that’s eight then there’s like the snuggly snoods there’s a fleecy inside with the knits on the outside grey pink red and black they look super snug don’t they they’re six pounds and there’s matching items that it’s a bubble hat.

Oh look at these these are like the teddy bear skins so comfy you’d only get out bed work this on you feel like you’re in bed actually very soft very nice oh there’s the cream the light brown and the penguin and that’s four pounds the knees are four pounds as well but they’re like.

More of a soft this is just like my throw on my sofa but in snoot warm I’m like it gray pink mustard and black actually quite like this mustard really nice.

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