13 Bmw 135i N54 E82 Engine Removal Belt, Accessories 1st Step, Intake, Starter Removal

13 Bmw 135i N54 E82 Engine Removal Belt, Accessories 1st Step, Intake, Starter Removal

January 6, 2019 0 By Quebec DIY

Okay so we’re gonna free the accessory belt here so we need the 55 it’s kind of a torx mine is a 3/8 of an inch with an adapter you need to insert that right here and then you want to make sure which direction we’re going to water feet the generator alternator we’re supposed to unplug the battery I don’t.

Like to do so because of the alignment.

Sensor but because of that that I didn’t plug it which is better to do by the way if you’re gonna unplug it you go in the it’s in the trunk underneath.

To have a spare tire but there’s no spare tire you start by unplugging the negative and then you do positive afterward but in this case so what I did I just put the electrical tape to make sure that this positive connector.

Doesn’t touch any part like the engine or anything that’s linked to the ground and make a shortcut on the bedroom because it’s underneath the power steering pump so we’re going to stack.

The power starting from first we take it off there is one boat from the side you can sense it when you touch your hand the whole season this is a bit long it’s gonna come off with the pox okay so the stirring pump there is a tree shoes there’s one on the back that is here it’s loose now and there’s a one up here now I can move on that side at the bottom if.

You go around with your hand you’re gonna feel it okay there’s this electric connector here we got to take out this.

Is for the generator alternator that needs to be removed there’s a pin underneath portion cold so alternator should be free to go down.

It’s a bit tight but it’s kind of squeeze in between here got to be careful not to break the casing on that thing okay gentle.

Here it works it’s not gonna go true cuz it’s it’s it’s jam with the housing of the.

So I’m gonna take this out later on we have to take out the power steering pump but we have to keep doing hose on it because we don’t want to have to bleed the whole thing again this this was a surprise here the this is a coolant hose that was hooked up around here and if we look at it it’s very bad it’s almost looking like Chernobyl.

So we’re gonna have to remove that one that once used to go to the firewall so that would be with the inning system the radiator of the heating system.

Power steering pump is free now we’re going to remove this connector here we push the little tab on top makes a weird feeling like it’s released from its clip yes this electrical connector I got a bit of a hard time and anyway I need to unplug that so I’m gonna unplug the flange the lower flange that with the two holes that goes up to the oil cooler that is connected right here also so that’s a 15 millimeter socket go in there and this will screw it be.

Careful not to bang in the AC radiator that’s gonna drip oil so you gotta put also a drip pan underneath it’s a single boat this.

Thing’s got Orange Bowl rings will have to be replaced.

So there’s a lot of mileage on our car in a way so it’s a good thing to replace these things don’t wanna.

Have another or unique and then we can use a screwdriver and gently pull that day.

That connector is a flap here you need to go with the screwdriver flat and gently pry it so you’ll be able to pull that thing it.

Was hard to see with all the oil but.

This is the way it was wanna remove.

The intake manifold these are backing holes you just need to pull them up forward these are the one that we’re.

Going by the side of the valves or the in fact they were going under the vacuum accumulator over there so this this connector here and there’s one.

Of the rear hand to here this one the clip broke so it’s now.

A tie wrap that hold it so I just need to cut the tie wrap and pull it off that should free.

Everything here once this is done Lucifer okay so we got to remove this breather here it’s a rigid kind.

To the side you need to pinch that thing and pull it so it’s already been loosened before the it’s make it easier but that’s what it is so that has to be removed in order to to remove the thing okay so we removed that hose that you just clip here you push it or you insert a screwdriver whatever but it’s kind of manifold it’s easy there’s true up and down like that up.

And down you need to be careful not to drop the nuts even though in that case it’s not the end of the world because we’re gonna remove the entire engine this one is.

The only one that is actually about the other ones were nuts be careful not to drop the washer once this is done this thing is gonna be hold in place there’s some wire at the bottom here so we gotta take it out easily gentle I mean and then we have.

To see what’s the problem that’s gonna hold it on the side if you feel there is a connector you will focus when you pull you just follow the wire that is getting tight and you’d say it’s a pin you you pin.

At the bottom toward the end you put you you pinch it and you pull back it’s been a long time that’s what it is you’re this connector there was a clip I remember there’s a I’ll put it up I’ll show you after work it’s like a rubber like these kind of thing but on the side this rubber here that hold it in place so now we got to remove this clip here that holds.

The wire starter we need to keep in mind that this is still positive and I didn’t unplug the battery so I’m gonna have to tape that whole thing to protect it this is the connector for a starter so we unplug that one.

Thing in the other thing to be done is to remove the starter itself so we’re gonna unplug this tape it and then unscrew the starter because in order to be able to remove the transmission this is what needs to be removed from that honey so for the starter we got this screw here this bolt to remove and the other one is from the back there.

I don’t know if you can see it this one there so this one is uh is a bit of a challenge to take us there so now that the intake manifold is not.

There it’s going to be easier.