Kawasaki Teryx Flip Windshield Install | How To | Superatv

Kawasaki Teryx Flip Windshield Install | How To | Superatv

January 7, 2019 0 By SuperATVMedia

Hey guys Kristen here at super ATV and today we’re gonna install a flip one shield on Kawasaki 2×4 let’s get started first off we’re gonna start by installing the bulb feel and that’s gonna go on the lower portion of the lower windshield and that’s going to come in contact with your hood now you will have to leave this.

Film on for the most part just peel it back enough to get that seal on to ease installation you may want to soak the bulb seal in hot water prior to installing now that you’ve got the seal installed you’ll go on ahead and cut off the excess all right so now we’re gonna install the catch and catch.

The port with the provided hardware all right now that we’ve got this bulb seal in cache installed it is.

Time to get this dude on so we’re gonna go ahead and take this and secure it to our roll.

These you want to be sure not to get them too tight because if you have to adjust this you want to.

Be able to move it okay we’ve got that installed so now it’s time to put the gasket on cut the excess gasket alright so next we’re gonna install the handle and the handle support with the provided hardware you’re going to want to.
The inside of the windshield facing up towards the top.

Portion let’s get this upper windshield on now we get to install our gas struts this is gonna go on the pivot block into the center hole all right guys we got everything installed.

So now we’re gonna go ahead and close and make sure your latch lines up with your catch if so then you’re good to tighten all the rest of your hardware up all right guys so we’ve got this windshield installed and tightened up so it’s now time to remove.

The protective film all right guys so that wraps up the installation of our flip windshield on this Kawasaki cherryx4.

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