Ipad Pro 2018 Smart Folio Unboxing | New Usb-c Accessories

Ipad Pro 2018 Smart Folio Unboxing | New Usb-c Accessories

January 9, 2019 0 By TEKNO TV

Good day folks today in this quick little video we’re gonna be unboxing and taking a closer look at the new 12 point 9 inch smart folio for the new 2008 teen iPad pro we’re also going to be taking a look at some of the new USBC accessories that can be used with a new 2018 iPad pro because it.

Now has a USB C port so let’s take a closer look so everybody is well aware now that the iPad pro 2018 was announced on Tuesday last week and you could pre-order it and it was gonna ship and arrive by the 7th or be available in-store on the.

Pre-ordered the 12 point 9 inch iPad pro and I also ordered some USBC accessories that I will be needing and I also ordered the smart folio.

Now these products got shipped to me early I got them on Friday and I wasn’t going to do an unboxing or review.

On them at all at first just because you know it’s just a case but I had a change of heart just for the fact that I figured there might be some that are gonna be pre-ordering maybe this weekend or early next week and maybe.

One take a closer look at it before they decide whether they want to purchase it or not after all the smaller one the one for the 11 inch iPad is $79 the larger one.

The 12 point 9 inch is $100 so that’s.

A lot of money to spend so we’ll just take a quick look at it and that way you can get a better look at it and see how it kind of works and then we’ll take a look at some of these new accessories for the USB C port on the iPad pro 2018 so we’ll just open it up all we do is we pull this little tab here and then it should come right open now this one is the charcoal gray.

I believe it’s called I got a little spacer in there it’s got a nice felt kind of material on the inside and I don’t know what kind of material that is on the outside but.

You know it looks to be a pretty decent quality now one thing that is very interesting is that it doesn’t have any Apple markings on it which is.

Quite odd usually they’ll always have some kind of logo or something on it but yeah so that’s kind of interesting that they opted not to have any kind of logo on it this year so basically the way this works it’s all magnetic the iPad has magnets all the way around it and you just place.

It will just snap into place so it’ll protect both the front and the back it’s got the folding hinge on the side here and that leaves an opening on this side to place your Apple pencil the new Apple pencil just.

To the iPad and pairs and charges that way as well so yeah that is the smart folio case for the 12 point 9 inch iPad pro I think the 12 point 9 inch is gonna be perfect for me this year they’ve shrunk it down in size you still get the 12 point 9 inches of screen space but not in such a big footprint so I think.
It’s gonna be perfect for me so.

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the USBC accessories so because they’ve changed from lightning to USB see of course I had to order some of the new accessories.

And just so I could keep working the way I.

Work with my workflow here is the USB C card reader so that will be quite essential in my workflow I do a lot of editing.

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