Eddie Hearn Says Anthony Joshua Vs Deontay Wilder Should Be On Dazn App Platform!!

Eddie Hearn Says Anthony Joshua Vs Deontay Wilder Should Be On Dazn App Platform!!

January 10, 2019 0 By Sporting Icons

Instead he heard a Metron boxing you are watching sporting icons don’t need to be anywhere else well Thank You alejandro for showing me this where Eddie Hearn has said to the US media that first of all he believes Joshua verse Wilder will be on his own and he says that if you want to fight Anthony Joshua you have.

To be on his own and that’s not necessarily aimed at Wilder is aimed at all heavyweights in.

The world you want Joshua you are coming to the zone this will be the platform to stream it from if you’re in the US if you’re in the UK of course it’s got sports now I know that it’s going to be plenty of Wilder fan boys out there and the Showtime PBC hardcore who just refused to let.

Go of the Pinney stripes okay just want to keep hold of what they’ve got we want boxing on TV we don’t want to.
Alarm nobody wants an app go check out.

The previous video which explains or hopefully it explains anyway.

Where the app is the way of the future terrestrial TV is a thing fastly becoming redundant okay Anna Lester PPC Showtime and unless guy sports start coming up with our own boxing app that you can stream to the TVs etc then these guys are going to be in the same position as HBO so any home saying to.

Wilder and any other heavy way out there you are coming to the zone reason being because they zone is now number one boxing platform.
Give it time you will believe it because this is only just dine sell Canelo.

Alvarez an answer you Joshua number one and number two boxing superstars in the world a part of the zone this is the way.

Of the future people these are the ones with the money if you want to earn big big money then you need to be fighting on his own show time is becoming a redundant platform much like Sky Sports is unless these guys start coming out with their own boxing app people are not interested in that kind of thing.

Started to die out and for all the PBC found boys who are going to be saying well this is another way for Joshua to duck wild oh really well why does everybody have to fight on.

Showtime why what’s so important about Showtime why is it that every fighter in the world must fight on Showtime but Showtime fighters don’t have to fight another platforms why is that when Showtime fighters well there’s no such thing as a Showtime fire right but the PBC fighters are free agents to fight on any platform that they desire if they can agree the fight so why do they have to fight on they might have to you right while it.

Doesn’t have to fight on Showtime I said Showtime and things like that are becoming redundant these are becoming a third world now seriously in.

The next 12 to 24 months we’re gonna start sending over it was at UNICEF planes to start drop a new flour and bread from the planes it’s becoming a third world over there you need to embrace the app.
And I wish to cut that we had an app here in the UK where where.

I could just pay $10 worth a month just for boxing cuz I’m a nice guy sports for Sky Sports golf or snooker or whatever else it is that they have I don’t care about all that okay about boxing give me an app for boxing why can’t I have it in the UK.

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