Eddie Hearn & Bob Arum Predict Showtime Will Follow Hbo Out Of Boxing Within 12 Months!!

Eddie Hearn & Bob Arum Predict Showtime Will Follow Hbo Out Of Boxing Within 12 Months!!

January 11, 2019 0 By Sporting Icons

This is Eddie Hearn Maturin boxing you’re watching sporting icons that needs to be anywhere else now apparently Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum have claimed that the PBC Showtime will be out of business within the next year in other words Showtime will follow HBO out of boxing within the next year that’s a bold bold statement but I can see.

Certainly why that the both say in this now Thank You alejandro for bringing this to my attention so the reason that they’re saying this is because obviously Eddie Hearn part of.

The zone it’s an online app Bob Arum now has the ESPN app does own $10 ESPN $5 very very manageable fees right now I don’t know how much Showtime is.

It’s very similar to what we have here it is in the UK with Sky so we have to purchase sky and then we have to purchase on top of it Sky Sports and any paper views again we have to paint on top of that so when it comes down to finances in this day and age everybody looking for a.

Bargain if you can save a couple of pound a couple of dollars here and there you’ll do that especially when you’re probably going to get more for your money if that makes sense so it wouldn’t surprise me if Showtime does go out of business as far as boxing and that goes and the PBC’s could have to find a new.
Home but will it be within the next year probably not to be fair as far.

As I’m aware again I’m going to just buy a memory on this one I think without Heyman signing an.

Extension with Showtime and of course joining up with Fox Sports and Fox Sports 1 as well isn’t like a 3-year deal or something so I would imagine that they’ll probably do a minimum of whatever the contract is so if it’s three years then it will carry on for 3 years if it’s 5 years and so on so no I don’t think it’ll be a year but I can see.

Why they’re saying it now I know a lot of people saying but we don’t like apps who watches boxing it on an app we want to sit down on our TV.

And watch on our TV but again you.

See people listen I’m a little guilty of it myself ok I’m pretty old-school I’m not old but I’m old-school.
My memory goes back to what late 80s and 90s ask black.

My memory of going back so of course this is pre internet this is pre social media and this is pretty mobile phone or that kind of thing so of course I’m used to watching the old ones like Lennox Lewis I’m like tysonis and so and so.

On TV and yes the TV experience is awesome but don’t forget with this day and age when the technology internet is ruled in the damn world you cannot walk outside your front door without seeing somebody tap it in to their phone people that just don’t really talk anymore everything’s on their phone you listen to me on your phone on your tablet on your laptop some have it on their.

TV if you listen to me on TV big up now everything is digital now everything and a lot of people who.

Say well we don’t want an app and that’s because you maybe you’ve got old school where the sports fans now all the young kids coming through the teenagers the lads in their 20s they’re all coming through where everything is digital.

They don’t want to sit down on terrestrial TV they want to watch things on their phone on their tablet on their laptop but again with these apps with the zone with the ESPN app you can get them directly.

From your phone or your tablet straight to your TV it’s not difficult to do every phone every smartphone has that capability to put anything that you have on your phone onto your TV so you’re still watching it on TV and this is how people want it people don’t want to sit down anymore and.

Watch this because I see like a lot of comments we don’t want an app why do we want to have an app for that’s because you have an old-school mentality unfortunately again like I said.

I am kind of part of that Club because I am kind of old school in the sense of that’s what I’m used to okay I’m not used to the apps okay it’s what my wife has so many different apps and things on her phone and my eldest son as well has so many different things you know he’s a 13 years old and he has so many different things.

And he’s messing about and I’m gonna damn clue what if that these people are even doing okay but this is this is the world we.

Live in it really is the digital era has been here for quite some time and a lot of.

Us still haven’t embraced it fully we really haven’t but the youth of today god I sound like my damn grandfather but the youth of today is digital everything is digital now.

Everything so yes an app is accessible to everybody everybody’s got a smartphone everybody’s got an iPad or these kind of devices everybody has internet capabilities in their home in their pocket or in their car in their workplace everybody has access to these things so of course with.

The TV if you’re out and about doing shopping for example and you’re panicking oh crap I’m gonna be late because the wife.

Just keeps on walking around Primark and want damn well choose something trying on hundreds of different clothes.

And not bought a single damn thing yeah and I’m missing the boxing well open up your phone and you can watch.

It while she’s in there walk into Burger King you know there’s no restriction it doesn’t.

Matter where you are in the world as long as you have internet on your phone wherever it may be you can not miss anything and that’s what people want nowadays the digital era is here and it’s improving even more imagine how it’s going to be like another ten years time so unless the PBC and Showtime go digital at some point soon yes they could very well be the next HBO as far as boxing and that’s concerned because.

As far as I’m aware I think Showtime don’t just do boxing right after they do other things listen I’m not clued up with what happens in the States they’re okay but I understand why Bob Arum and any hona saying this because the boxing fans of.

Today the mind sorry the majority a very very high percentage are all embracing the digital technology their app is important to them if.

Years old or older 40 years 15 years 6 years etc you’re stuck in the old school right but unfortunately as a.

Minority it really is a minority so Showtime and PBC do need to get up.

To date Sky Sports as well let’s not leave them out BT sport as well now Sky Sports has been going on for years here in the UK as far back as I.

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