Steve Smith & Grant Hill On Donovan Mitchell & Utah Jazz Defeat Houston Rockets 100-89 | Gametime

Steve Smith & Grant Hill On Donovan Mitchell & Utah Jazz Defeat Houston Rockets 100-89 | Gametime

January 23, 2019 0 By Rahul Garewal

Art of course the Rockets going to work once again without the suspended Chris Paul Donovan Mitchell off to a little bit of a slow start this season but he would erupt here on Wednesday Mitchell to the cup and his night was getting going Utah up nine to seven James Harden in the first half at 14 points and five.
Dimes that’s a great one right.

There – Mel a nice easy play mid-range shot you’ll do that in Houston doing Houston up five on that bucket by harden and.

Donovan Mitchell he’s got a three of his own will step back number right in front.

Of James Harden and then Donovan Mitchell enticing you know what I love about him is obviously squeaking athletics and you can tell he’s brown like he’s like six nine two steps on he’s there he had 20 in the first half Utah led by eight at halftime more from Donovan I love his change of pace right there like you said Smitty covers ground but.
He’s always attacking going.

After the defense there Houston and whatever I do you want to play I need a nickname though everybody I need a nickname for it’s something more creative than Dean Mitch by the way please James Harden for 329 in the game before leaving we’ll get to that in a second and then watch the live Donovan Mitchell to fave as they call him in Utah more for Mitchell whoo.

You need your best player on the road to play well Mitchell pick the right time to do so and then right here James Harden turning the corner and right there the the hamstring the left hamstring comes up.

A little bit lame we’re gonna hear from Mike D’Antoni in a second explaining kind of when and whether it was recurring or not but he left the game it did not return and Utah closes it out with a 900 run after harden exits hiss hiss change it tastes like grant talked about it even locked out with his step back on that one that was nasty 38 big.

Donovan Mitchell five boards 7 dimes as well go bear goes 12 13 with three blocks a small bit of revenge for last year’s playoff loss to Houston as the Jazz moved to 2 & 2 the.

Rockets 65 wins last year they sink to 1 in 3 Carmelo Anthony 22 points 7 boards he started the third quarter over MCW in this one and we mentioned Dan Tony here he is Harden’s status after the game.

Earlier I felt a little tightness and that’s why I took him out for a long period you.

Know make sure he was okay but I think he when he made that one drive I think he felt.

Again he’ll be reevaluated I don’t know exactly it’s a hamstring but I don’t know what type so we’ll find out by tomorrow and I think a lot of it I think we thought about last last summer obviously our last spring excuse me and then you also remember we lost two straight you know he lost a game where we were up against Memphis and even against Golden.

State so we came in here with the mentality of just playing free playing loose and everybody we played they played so well defensively mainly communicated it’s probably our best complete game of the season you know and I think we really show tonight the way we finished and.

When we played throughout the entire game it’s gonna be a beautiful show with beautiful people the Spurs beat the Lakers 143 to 142 in overtime on Monday and their dynamic duo.

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