Charles Barkley & Shaquille O'neal On Boston Celtics Vs Oklahoma City Thunder | Inside The Nba

Charles Barkley & Shaquille O'neal On Boston Celtics Vs Oklahoma City Thunder | Inside The Nba

January 27, 2019 0 By Mr. T

Covered and then we head to Staples where the Lakers coming off their first win hosts the unbeaten Nuggets Kevin Harlan Reggie Miller and Kristen Ledlow we’ll call that one here in Atlanta studio J Bernie Jones Shaquille O’Neal Kenny the jet Smith Charles Barkley good evening gentlemen how are we man I’m excited there’s nothing like the energy in the.

Air of this the start of a season you agreed yet I agree I think that the first week of this season you stopped feeling out and then all of a sudden people are starting to separate themselves only in a week old oh.

Here we are night 10 of the NBA season has anybody cooled on the Boston Celtics as the team in the Eastern Conference no Evan I still think they’re the best team out there better than Toronto yeah better than unbeaten that’s Ronald there right now they’re two and two but this is a different team Kyrie was out Gordon Hayward was out they still got to work those wrinkles out but listen I got a great coaching staff they play with great energy I’m putting all my money on them to.

Be at the top means the only reason I said you know they’re there they’re more of a veteran.

Team where if they were a young team you I would evaluate them out to ten games and go wait a minute we got to.

Change things up but a veteran team you could lose a game and understand that’s the right way to lose and and they know at some point Milwaukee’s gonna have a four-game winning streak Toronto will have a five-game winning streak and so will they they understand it just didn’t happen the first four games of the.

Season yeah but while I’m cooling down on the Celtics are you then here’s your number one team.

In each the Toronto Raptors listen I think getting Kawhi they team got better as much as I like Tamar Tamar.

Is a hell of a player but he’s not as good as college hawai and I.

Think big last year they had the best bench in the NBA and I think Kauai is on a mission too I think people forget he was the second best basketball player in the world before he got hurt and he’s on a mission to get a.

Big contract and I just love the way their plan anytime the Celtics we will see in the opener of our doubleheader and our Autotrader player comparison is what the celtics.

Defensively talk about the fact that the defense is there but.

The offensive rating is 29 they’re 26th and 3-point shooting any.

Concerns I know you said there are there anything they could do something but what are you concerned people think just cause you have a lot of talent is gonna work it doesn’t work like that well I always used Pat Reilly phrase voluntary cooperation jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum got it going good in the playoffs this notion that oh we got Gordon and kairi kairi back we’re just gonna stand back and let them.

Do their thing that’s not gonna work and I got this they’re gonna win a lot of games they got a lot of top but let me tell.
You something it’s gonna be a lot of harder than people realize I’m cooling.

On the 76ers also I got to run till 1:00 and I got the Milwaukee Bucks is number two and my power rank is in the East Oklahoma City has yet to win a.

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