Matt Serra And Frank Grillo: Khabib Broke Conor. How Do You Tap Like That?

Matt Serra And Frank Grillo: Khabib Broke Conor. How Do You Tap Like That?

February 2, 2019 0 By Late Night MMA

Charlize Theron she it was kind of her movie was a great movie man I love that I have to say I would I would date her if given the opportunity throw that out he doesn’t go out with anybody who goes to Equinox yes man under five six a UFC Fan yeah I’ve seen her in this one play this.

This one food place in LA a bunch of times and I just wanted to walk.

Up a compliment her feet I don’t know and again did you I don’t know who’s how long you guys talk before I got.

In here did you see the UH the Conor and could be fine yeah talk to me uh you know I mean I mean whose name will you are you know I was a Conor fan right and he was doing a lot of shit talking it yeah but I gotta tell you that the the head crack with a chick right that’s kind.

How do you fall into that well it wasn’t gonna put him to sleep it could break his jaw ice that’s what he was into it I mean I don’t want to say no people.

Think I’m a connor hater everything might just be my.

Music I love Kai look I think he’s great he’s been great and he was in interesting and him the guys got himself to a place amazing that’s amazing but at the level that he’s fighting to do that but from say uncle you’re saying yeah people here they didn’t see what you did.
He tapped himself on the chin kid and.

Know listen I’m a big believer in not yeah I mean there is a long people say all there’s no law and you’re selling if I how could you say there’s a line it had how many buys on pay-per-view but you make it something else when you bring family involved as.

A as a person and and I think he crossed the line by talking about his father look I want to beat a dead horse with it but since we’re talking about it for him to do that Frank and then in the cage if you heard the audio of him in the third round saying after that hey it’s all business.

It’s only business like that now you’re just no Connor Connor oh I didn’t kill no I’m sorry.

So dagestan was the first place I was going for my show rules are the wrestling right because they’re amazing wrestlers right and they’re also incredibly religious oh yeah you know you start talking about their religion and their father eventually you’re gonna attack you’re gonna you’re gonna poke the bear enough that it’s not about.

What Connor there’s probably nothing you could say that would get him to that point so he may be coming for the point of you have anything you said about him he would let roll you know he might be one of those guys – who just nothing and again I love Connor I I was I.

Was a Connor I wanted Connor and I thought kind of might do it again.

But I also when I was looking at what could be was doing he wanted to break his jaw I.

Did right oh he would have broke but I would have happened yeah yeah it would.

Yeah if you people usually what happens there is they usually try to just pull that arm down down right on the neck right yeah I mean right he just said all right all right well and he turned the wrong way on his head the wrong look if he was trying to break his job without it down he wanted.

To shut that mouth you yeah he was yeah but it was a crank that I want to shut that mouth I like Connor more after he lose it like I looked at what he wrote on his Instagram and I actually like the way he handles.

A loss like you know some people like you know and I got we tell her on door who didn’t really want to do interviews after a loss I like Connor when he loses I like how he handles it and it’s like after all.

This shit talking he’s still our to a guy one he that’s good business right it’s good business because now you’re empathetic towards him yeah and so no matter what he.

Did on the front of the fight the back of the fight is oh he’s a good loser yeah but.

I do as a deal how much better would it have been if he didn’t go after his father if he didn’t say stuff about his religion if he didn’t do you know what I mean like that’s you right it becomes very personal I think he could have still like been in his face and put on the shows though he could have still.

Sold this thing and I think it still to got as many boys and you did not have to.

Bring somebody’s family and I think it’s more than a no-no I think that it’s more than the.

Buys though I think that with him it becomes a weapon he uses and it’s a way to get guys to make mistakes and khabib is kind of unflappable like we a week you should talk about it like by the way you’re talking about warriors that fight.

Helicopters on horseback with stones yeah these guys thousands of years of warriors hard to.

Get into there you know and I’m gonna tell you one of the places I went on the show was was.

Brazil which is not on air but hopefully it will be in the if there’s a second season I was in day days camp day days where as is Jose Jose Aldo’s coach so I got to.

A Aldo and roll around and have some fun and and the thing that we Gregor did to him when we were talking is that exactly in his head right got him got in his head and and a lot of athletes try.

To do that you know a lot of fighters tried to there but Makana kind of does it in a way that is successful friend he makes you so mad and I think kabhi was a tougher nut to crack like I think he was a harder guy to get him wrap him up and like he was a boa constrictor yeah that is advanced wrestling is he’s excellent yeah.

He was fucking he was I mean he said the things that got him angry too where Connor wanted him it just didn’t work out the way car I think honor wanted him to run.

In and when he came out dry dry he was totally dry and kind of forcing the whole thing I went oh something’s not did you I noticed the same thing he didn’t.

Look as comfortable going in because now he really has to deal.

With could be if he did not look as loose and drop I mean he was bone-dry as a martial artist Frank you you know this the cage or the ring is the truth right any everything else right it’s not even you want if when he tries to say what he wants to make it like he wants to be that Street guy and he attacks the thing with the bus with all his.

Guys that’s not gonna go five rounds that’s gonna go five minutes tops and it’s getting broken up so you might get a lick in here there.

And what your hardest in the cage is the time to be that hard ass and he did not fit he didn’t pass that test no listen I would rather him go you know when he’s went on one couldn’t keep beeps on top and him pounding them let’s talk now let’s talk now I would rather him.

He say anything I would rather him go good fuck you what I ever get pounded out cover up just do that hey it’s all business it’s okay it’s only business it’s only business now we’re being friendly you’re not being at any stage in front.

Everybody you’re not being like that I want my getting off again maybe one day the.

Guy no no no no you don’t have to hate the guy the guy does is what it is I love the guy I think the.

Watch yeah more now than I ever I love him I love him but you we all listen you all do things that other people don’t how about this though how about could be jumping off of them like a silverback ape I mean there was such rage.

Yeah I didn’t like that though because again there’s fans around and it’s like you’re risking.

A riot and you’re risking hurting somebody right to watch the fight you’re risking a lot of my days I’m with my kid in the audience and somebody’s throwing something it was crazy I’m trying to get out of it do it backstage if he would.

Have attacked him backstage I would have a lot less to say about it because then at least you’re just with other fighters thing is this though he had finally he broke him he.

Broke he fucking he the guy broke he did because now he’s releasing everything and it’s a little anti-climatic yeah he dominated him he got that got but now you just tapping out like like a sissy you know I can even let me like.

Do anything to you now it’s over I didn’t even he didn’t he just he knew he got me well that’s not what you did has probably never squeezed anything then Connors face in that.

Moment and then the restaurant jumped right on him so he could so then he says it was almost like I still want to release didn’t hurt him what a guy doing whatever he’s doing was he doing the guy the jiu-jitsu coach what was he doing I.

Think he was like waving him on they were having someone there’s a little like back and forth with that something sure I said some people you didn’t I don’t know okay the jury’s still out on it you know by the way and just credits it could be because he had he held.

It for like one he did ago yeah he didn’t want he want to pretend you didn’t hear the rest Volken is calling soon and he’s fighting Anthony Smith that’s the matter that Moncton yeah we gotta get Frank out here okay oh I’m sorry we should.

A picture that thing that picture would why don’t we take five take five it’s one pictures enough fight world on Netflix now now yeah you could binge it and and I never I never really say this about anything I do but this is really worth seeing you really happy when I got me I’m watching us on Netflix.

Cannot wait I want to see that senegalese episode.

Senegal is that my saying right yeah yeah I thought I wanted you all have something that’s really interesting before I see you again could you give them all the movie a chance for me the original what about with the soldier no no that one is all that I think that’s that’s a great move I’m happy that’s it we got out of that and fight world on that foot yeah Spider Man 3 the third Tobey Maguire that’s we’ll never get him back thank you Frank thanks so great to see you support.

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