Many Americans Should Prepare For Arrest Before Midterms As Dems Make Way For Invaders

Many Americans Should Prepare For Arrest Before Midterms As Dems Make Way For Invaders

February 9, 2019 0 By Gregory A. Stallings

This is nothing but an invasion and must be stopped now a man with dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States was arrested as he took part in the migrant caravan he helped organize one earlier this year also if other American citizens are helping this Caravan or future ones they could also be arrested by Mexican authorities from conservative.

Daily Post if it weren’t abundantly clear that the migrant caravan was really an.

Organized invasion of the United States the fact that an immigrant activist who was involved in the last illegal incursion was arrested in Mexico for.

Organizing the movement she to remove all doubt Byron AO mujika who helped organize the last batch of invaders was arrested Thursday in Ciudad Hidalgo after the caravan illegally crossed into Mexico from Tekoa ma’am Guatemala no one can deny that these invaders mostly military aged men are criminal law breakers but somehow he’s being labeled a humanitarian ‘ many people ask if it’s humanitarian to March people across Central America encourage them to break every country’s law and watch as they are stirred into an ignorant frenzy burning u-s flags with swastikas on them perhaps for.

Liberals that is the definition his central slanted the fact that a man with dual citizenship was roughly pulled into the ven of Mexican authorities after.

Plucked him from the migrant group as tensions build over a new Caravan Mexican officials seized the man who helped organize the last one Adolfo flurries out of floors October 19 2008 een musical was not involved in organizing the most recent care event claimed another instigator Alex mincing a coordinator with Pueblo sinfronteras the group that organized the previous.
Invasion he was not involved in.

Organizing the beginnings of the care event mincing claimed saying that musical was helping organize humanitarian assistance ‘ the instigators claimed the group wanted to welcome a large wave of migrants mostly from Honduras Haring to cross over into Mexico of course the crossing was completely illegal but that is not mentioned they were having a peaceful.

March Mensing said Mexican Federal Police and immigration officers broke up the group and went straight for irony o men Singh said the article stated musical was jailed and has been charged with obstructing authorities according to information distributed.

To media outlets on whatsapp a messaging app musical was released midday Saturday men Singh said and must post a 10,000 pesos bond equivalent.

To about five hundred twenty dollars he also forfeited his documents and was ordered not to leave to posh Kula until his case is resolved men Singh said the president has condemned the illegal invasion and warned he would shut down the southern border if Mexico cannot stop the incursion president Trump has also threatened to withhold billions of dollars.

In u-s aid to El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras unless action is taken Mexico sent aircraft filled with officers to intercept the illegal invasion.

Force but with so many liberals helping them most people agree that this group being used as pawns.

By the political left will reach the border it will be up to President Trump to stop them from pouring into the country and American voters to usher in a congress that will support him.