Women Denied Entry Into Sabarimala Temple, Blocked At Entry Point

Women Denied Entry Into Sabarimala Temple, Blocked At Entry Point

February 12, 2019 0 By TIMES NOW

Well there are some more developments which are just trickling in Vivek we are just about waiting for some confirmation there seems to be some message that have been that has been conveyed to the IG by there was some Minister and remember so far so far these women have not been able to go beyond a certain point it is.

A standoff sort of a situation where protesters are not allowing the entire police force which is providing escort to these women to go ahead and reach the shrine Shilpa is also with us Shilpa let’s just quickly.

Run through these visuals which are coming in before we get for more updates just give us a sense of what’s happening on ground oh well PT just a short while back we saw as to how the you know team led by IG cedras and the two women who are of course taking their journey towards the sublime Allah temple reach the nada bundle and in fact I just read.

You know removed all his safety gear and was seen deliberating with the devotees.

And the protesters have gathered there in large numbers and I just read it said that they’re here only to implement the logic bowrage click you know our viewers with the breaking news that we.

Are getting first on x now we are picking up that the IG in fact has been asked to.

Return back with these women and the you know the government or the davison Minister in fact apparently has informed the IG to take these women.

Back to sunny Dunham because they do not want a confrontation with the protesters that is the big breaking story right now which times now is the first channel to get get for our viewers so Shilpa ultimately it seems.

That this entire effort will be brought to nil because again these women have not been allowed to enter the shrine and protesters again perhaps have won the situation well what we’re picking up is that the government has informed the IG the team led by the IG to return back because they do not want a confrontation because you clearly.

Saw a pretty as to how I just read it was trying to negotiate with these uh protesters and they he sat them down and said that you know we are here only to enforce the laws we are not going to do any harm.

To the devotees we’re not going to use force but we only want.

Enforce the law and we are also I applaud devotees and we respect and your beliefs as well but clearly the protesters and the devotees when in no in no mood to listen to st judes who is the IG that is who is leading the team that is you know accompanying the two women and their deputies a to sub Ramallah.

Temple they were saying that you know we are ready to sacrifice our lives but we will not allow you to you know enter the subdermal a.

Temple with these two women and probably.

That’s the reason why and you know the government has now told the IG and the his team to return back because they do not want a confrontation because if you know.

There are clashes that breaks out in Shia you know it’s a puzzle it is not dreams that the IG has been asked to return back with these women.

Devotees because a confrontation sort of a situation is absolutely out of question we will take a quick break.

Here we’ll be back with our reporters and our updates on this story right after that.