Sabarimala Temple Row Two Women Reaches Temple's Entry Point, Protest Continues

Sabarimala Temple Row Two Women Reaches Temple's Entry Point, Protest Continues

February 13, 2019 0 By NewsX

All right let’s now shoot focus and address some breaking news coming in has reached the 30 mullahs temple and in fact they the police present there is trying to pacify the devotees who have gathered in the large in large number at the entrance devotees there continue to sit-in protests however we are given to understand that two women devotees.

Have finally reached the temples entry point or at big breaking news in fact coming in there from Kerala at this point in time two women devotees has.

Reached the temple gates and other male devotees in fact continue to sit in protests not.

Allowing women to enter but finally two women devotees have entered subdue mala this is big breaking news we are getting to you at the top of the.
Broadcast to women devotees have in fact reached Sabri mala.

In fact the police tear is trying to pacify all the other devotees who have sit-in protests we are given to understand that IG Regis is in fact talking to the devotees as they block the entry point of Sabri mala temple my colleague Sega Raj in fact is joining me on the phone line the guy we are.

Getting to know that two women devotees and in fact reach the entry point of the temple gate but they continue to be blocked by protesters absolutely we could see the which was.

That there is upon this production bonus is requesting the protesters to make ways for the devotees of female devotees who have blind Bob Ramallah and but still they are.

Refusing to make way for them they are arguing with the Buddhist and police is trying to make peace but they are on it or they are not listening to the course of protesters or devotees you can tell among devotees of pertussis the.

Absence has adamant that they will not allow the entry of women into the temple we are aware that a journalist from answer media as well as one more woman has tried to get get to get to subliminal temple and pasta the devotees who are professing rocketing the entrance of sandy ramen are not allowing this woman to enter the Madonna and once they cross paneer Anand will be allowed to go to phantom sanatorium but.

The people have lost the way on the near near seminar on the entry of the Madonna and they are saying that there is not a lot of women in training track police are making peacefully some trying to making make them calm making them sit down but they are not listening they are helping that they will not.

Listen to the course and they will not allow women to into the temple and if you can quickly translate for us what the IG is telling the protesters that you know we.
Really do want to understand what the IG in.

Fact is telling the protesters were sitting in protest ID is fine determine that is not right and she’s willing to resist so basically if you try to do anything you have a sense of consequence.
Because you have come with the complete back alley and you can.

See the loss protection for that movement completely surrounded by school it and be happy in a city.

When I reported this there was enough security and also a senior for people trying to escort birth Madonna but now the processes are not listening you can see the vishwas.

Trying to talk to Sandy is finite I’m trying to explain to them that only doing it beauty to implement supreme court order but the devotees are no booth right absolutely the IG they are trying to pacify the devotees telling them to cooperate in fact with the police authorities remember if the two women do enter the supreme Allah temple they will be the very first women to enter the supreme Allah temple after that crucial Supreme Court verdict.

All eyes in fact are going to be on Sabri mala yet again today welcome back supreme Allah temple issue has peaked in Kerala yet again on the third day of the supreme Allah temple history is in making two women devotees have reached the entry point of the subliminal temple careless top cops are appealing to devotees for calm and for allowing.

The women to enter on the other hand protests continue against the entry of women under journalists are on route to the temple in fact to understand that.

Amongst the two women who are reaching the temple at this point one is an Andhra Pradesh journalist other is a devotee and amid all the sub Ramallah politics continued to grow in the.

Latest chief Chief Minister of Kerala has stated that it was his personal opinion that the centuries-old tradition of the temple must be upheld all right we’re getting the visuals in fact of protests happening in sub Ramallah right now remember the later that we can get you at least two women devotees have reached the entry point of Saba mala temple protesters are of course blocking their.

Way and the pool is currently trying to negotiate with the protesters.

Currently in making as two women devotees have finally reached the temple gates of Sodom Allah like a large number.

Remember today is the third day since subliminal our temporal gates open for the very first time for women and the flowers were some breaking news coming in the IG are switches in supreme Allah says that he is a believer of supreme.

Allah and have come here as a servant of law he also says and I quote we are doing our job and we won’t attack devotees we have to obey the law unquote so IG they.

Are trying to talk it out with all the devotees were currently blocking the way for two women who are trying to enter the temple premises remember two women have already reached the gates of the temple they’re trying to enter the temple premises now IG has come on record to say that he is a believer of supreme Allah and he is in fact doing his duty for Bimala top officials there and police personnel in fact a feeling for.

Peace they’ve said that they will not and trying to coolest feature they’re appealing for calm he’s in fact spoken to the devotees there was sitting right outside the temple gates let me get in my colleague mogila at this point in time Mogollon can you translate.

For us what was the IG saying we are given to understand that he’s appealing for peace he’s asking protesters to allow the police to do its duty all right we’ll try and patch mobile and back however history is currently in making as we speak as two.

Women have entered the premises of shabarimala temple in fact we are given to understand that they are right outside the gate however a number of protesters there continue to block their way IG Inspector General of Police reaches there spoke to the protesters asking them to maintain peace maintain calm and in fact try to negotiate with them.

And said that the police is only trying to implement the order of the Supreme Court and moogle and in fact is back with us on the broadcast.

Mughal and can you trust made for us what was the IG telling the devotees there was sitting outside the temple premises who.

Are in fact blocking the gates what was the IG trying to say they have what they.

Have shortages of holy our protest and the women are devotees along with the Polish forces are at the entrance.

Even they are standing there they are not moving anywhere they are either they are starting their there they have invested wisely for feeling have taken their 1840 tips which will lead them to a sanatorium so the standoff between the protesters turning the main are devotees who are dying in our city caste.

Excess of the temple at the moment devotees who are went up with the Polish protection particular right and I also don’t want to ask you learn at this point in time about the two million devotees have reached the temple premises in fact they’re just outside the gate history is in making if these women are allowed entry if the protesters allow them to enter this will be in fact for the very first time in history that.

A woman will enter that they are not to use any force against the devotees who are at the temple so there.

Is a standard particulars equipment devotees also.

Are standing there holy continuously trying to.

Hold a vocation to the protester are characteristically protest hmm and can you give us the details of who these two women are one woman journalist of a television channel and another instead of working could have sought permission yesterday.

Night for me about making their trip to suffer Ibarra temple initially if fancied by the camera foolish but then today morning I see speeches and say that in a Polish protection and they will take both people be devotees foolish a feeble our temple and earning the morning they have started their frickin because it’s a boy.

Just are seven kilometres set right or some people are temple and along with two three for each person as you can see the request they are strongly arms they are given proper real protection and as.

More enthusiastically film is a lot of the IDs take this body to.

Watch of Ramallah and they have now reached the temple capper as a process right we seem to have lost the line there with mughal on but first quickly listening to some reactions coming in on the ground we’ll go.

Back to that oh yeah all right in fact live visuals on your screens from Bamba currently in Kerala protesters there in fact scattered remember two women journalists are very close to the temple they have in fact reach the temple premises they’re trying to enter the temple gates.

Protesters blocking their way of course and we heard IG fridges trying to negotiate with protesters asking them to obey the law asking them.

To allow women to enter however the deadlock continues my colleague Mughal and in fact is back with us on the broadcast at this point Mughal era our G has particularly said that we will not use Falls that we will in fact trying peacefully negotiate but what happens next what happens if you know the devotees do not listen if the protests continue all right so we’re giving you understand in fact what Mugen.

Is bringing us latest is that all the stakeholders including the country your family and the pandal a. are deliberating on closing their temple.

Gates earlier than expected in order to avoid any hostility and volatile situation that might continue however I also do have to ask you.

Point in time Mogollon there was a meeting we are given to understand or Travancore they were swim board that the board has called in the afternoon today to end the deadlock they the voices of the thousand but infinitely.

Diverted prompting yes you want to do support.

Minister stated that the state government has given all we want the powers all driven for somebody hmm alright Mughal and they’re talking about the fact that police in Kerala has been given all power by the government.

The government has said time and again that we want peace and police will.

Do whatsoever to ensure that there are speaks of Kerala people are not allowed to assemble or gather in huge numbers amid all of that the standoff still continues the standoff between people and devotees continued in fact visuals live visuals on your screen off the two women who are trying to enter the supreme Allah temple they are at the gate of the temple this is history-making two women out there in.

Headgear we just saw visuals of the two women out there in headgear who are trying to enter the temple gates for the very first time I.

Want to come back to Mughal and at this point Mughal on the police is in very precarious position isn’t it on one hand they’re saying that they want to maintain peace on the other hand they are forced.

To retaliate after stone pelting after vandalizing they are forced to you know contain the violence which.

Is being spread by a pur devotees also they are because they think that the government has given all this.

Anything reactions coming in don’t they get at the government about to the other alyssum IAM activist today shut Italy Canada my II averted a cylinder a vertical started to.

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A buddy appear Supreme Court did a moneylender not to knock another I tell upon the shared angle of a particle number 11 and they may so bring.

Go to the YouTube site they’ll put it on target as in the end a modest and a fellow supreme what are the review her do remain who diversity.

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Negative back to the u la Cucaracha Tamala who do stop in amount on the fourth day with an embryonic.

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The government of this Amelia other sirmium Werner an ambassador in the row I can at the government Oh three bodies of under so bring go to BT mannequin at the Gorman battery in there I thought open the net activist al quran allah.

Would Estella might the subrahmanya will grant asylum Martin Gorman and Premila he carrying a little um the jnana government the moon in another I got a little government in Yahoo Nell about Ahmad Ramallah they say might motherfucker Beijing they give us beginning all right so that’s they were swim.

Bowed member talk talking to media about the current prevailing situation in sab Ramallah let me.

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