Witness With Ties To Emirates And Trump Team Cooperating With Mueller

Witness With Ties To Emirates And Trump Team Cooperating With Mueller

March 1, 2019 0 By ytjoy

Breaking news in the Russia investigation we are learning that a powerful businessman with ties to both Trump’s inner circle and the Middle East is now cooperating with a special counsel Bob Muller the Middle East specialist is named George Nader you see him there during the presidential transition he was actually in the room when Trump’s team met with officials.

From the United Arab Emirates at Trump Tower meeting team Obama did not even know about even though it involved the head of state Mohammed bin Zayed the acting head of state for the UAE out front now Shimon pro-q PEZ and Kara scandal thanks very much to.

Both of you shamone what more can you tell us about molars interests in the meeting and the meetings that there were between Trump associates and this man that we’re learning about George Nader yeah Aaron you know certainly Georgia Nader is this mystery man we had learned.

That he’d been stopped by FBI agents after returning.

From an overseas trip in January FBI agents started talking to him they pulled him into a room at Dulles Airport.

Started asking him questions they’ve been wanting to question him he’d finally returned to this country.

And they started asking him questions about some meetings that they had believed he attended with some of the Associates of.

The President and also a meeting that he had attended in the Seychelles with Erik.

Prince who was a trump supporter and associate in particular there was one meeting in New York where Michael Flynn was present Jared Kushner Steve Bannon and as you said the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and also the ambassador.

Of for the United Emirates here in DC who traveled to New York for this meeting and this was a meeting that took place in December of 2016 now the next month there was a meeting in the Seychelles and.

A lot of questions have been raised about that meeting and as you know Aaron Eric Prince was at that meeting George NATO we’ve learned this is the first time that we’re learning he was at that meeting and specifically there was a Russian that the FBI and Bob Muller are particularly interested in what he was doing there and some of the meetings.

Going on including the fact that Erik Prince had met with this Russian at a bar in the Seychelles yeah and I know Erik Prince has talked about it was the length of time of one beer and of course that’s a long way to go to have a beer I mean it Carol you know I understand the amaura Emiratis I thought they were responsible for delivering the Russian to that.

Meeting they thought that Eric Prince was gonna deliver a back door to the Trump campaign perhaps to Jared Kushner directly what does all.

Of this tell us about molars investigation and how it is expanding beyond just Russia specifically well when we think about that meeting in the Seychelles and a lot of the initial interest was who is this Russian that Arab prince was meeting with and now that we.

Know that Muller’s team is having the cooperation of Jorge nadir someone who is very close to the Emiratis he’s worked with.

Them for a while he was involved in that December meeting Shimon was just discussing what that was the prelude to this Seychelle meeting so now we’re really seeing that this investigation is going beyond Russia looking at them scrutinizing the role of the Emiratis here which we had previously not really known that they were a focus.

The Washington Post reported the other day that you know the Muellers investigation was looking at the role of four different countries that were trying to influence the Trump administration including the Emirati so when we see these two meetings and the.

Role of Jorge nadir who doesn’t appear to have any Russian connections he is a real ally of the Emiratis we understand that he’s starting to look further in the roles that they were playing here right Ana Schiavone of course this comes as you know the Washington Post as Kara points out is.

Reported that Mexico the emirates israel and china were trying to.

Manipulate Jared Kushner again back to Jared Kushner for perhaps his political and experience and because of his financial duress of his company I mean what more can you tell us about this Georgia Nader and in his role right so George aider sort of been off the radar for quite some time he has been associated with the Emirates with some of their folks in.

Perhaps doing some work for them here in the US here in Washington DC he does have an apartment here in Washington DC very little is known about him but he’s one of these guys who works behind the scenes that we know exists in.

Washington DC where they try to influence policy what’s interesting about George Nader’s that he was present at this New York meeting we now have another person cooperating with Bob Mahler present for a meeting we know that he’s been providing Georgia has been providing information to.

A grand jury about these meetings and again this is another person like George papadopolis like Michael Flynn who has some insight into some of these meetings who’s now cooperating with the special counsel and providing information.
To a grand jury all right thank you very much Ramona and Karen for your.

Reporting and that’s go now to Senator Richard Blumenthal as you’ve been watching Erin Burnett OUTFRONT this is world sport.