Tech Examined: Latest Channel News And Ces

Tech Examined: Latest Channel News And Ces

March 3, 2019 0 By Michael T Panetta

Hey guys welcome to another episode of tech examined I’m your host Michael Panetta as promised an explanation as to where I’ve been kinda you know taking care of a child but more than that also going to be talking some year-end as well as CES so stick around alright guys so welcome back I do have an announcement that I.

Need to make but real quick I just want to go over a couple pointers CES is coming up next month and I’m super.
To be attending with my buddy mr.
double d 50 who runs the channel here with me and we’re going to be bringing you a wide variety of videos gonna be changing them up a little bit on how we do it so more on that a little later on but I’m excited to do this we are going out on.

A Saturday no I’m sorry a Sunday and coming back on saturday the following week but just think like the.

5th through the 11th or something like that but uh we’re going to have a blast and you know my buddy Larry greenberg’s going out there and a whole bunch of other people and as the time gets closer we’ll talk more and more about that and what we’re doing so you can follow me on Twitter and MTB Flyers as well as the tech examined twitter page i will be doing.

Most of my stuff from the MTP flyers tech channel but when we’re in CES probably would be better to follow the tech examined so that way we can give all the updates any articles were putting on the website and anything.

That we’re doing for the channel will most likely be on there but not that I won’t retweet it so if you’re already follow me at mt p flyers and you don’t feel like following another completely understand that not a big.

Deal so really we had a ton of apple products come out this year a ton of other products galaxies have been coming in left and right all over the place and a whole ton of other phones which unfortunately i didn’t really have the time to do i hope to expand.

On that a little bit next year and do a little bit more of that stuff and kind of bring.

You a little bit of a different side and maybe get away from doing the cases and stuff like that as much.

As we do stick with the the ones that I know and then I.

Know we’re looking forward to and try to find some new stuff as well but i do want to expand and bring you guys.

More tech and if there’s anything you want to see that’s beyond apple mobile phones mid devices cases and all that stuff feel free to hit it down below we’ll see if we can check it out and put.

Something together for you Mac Pro was supposed to be coming out any day now and I won’t be able to afford to get one oh there are other youtubers that I will direct you to a detroitborg probably tldtoday will probably pick one up and uh a bunch of other people so we’ll keep going with that all right so throughout the year I’ve.

Been here and gone and doing things and yoni’s been doing a great job filling in and providing content and doug has been trying to do his best as well and you know he’s got four kids so Doug’s uh Doug’s life can be a little bit hectic now I say oh you know I’ve got a child and Doug just kind of laughed at me and is like oh yeah try getting four okay I understand this is my first one you’re gonna have to bear with me so on.

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