Major Disasters Worldwide (something Big Is Happening)(latest News!)

Major Disasters Worldwide (something Big Is Happening)(latest News!)

March 4, 2019 0 By Spaced Out Productions

Hey what’s up everyone I could not get my Twitter page to open and it kept forced closing my tablet’s pretty much out of memory still I’ll have to figure out something I have nothing else to remove so I don’t know what I’ll do but as far as the news we have hurricane Willa which is a potentially catastrophic category.
5 storm right now that’s threatening more than 7 million people.

In Mexico so right now that gigantic hurricane is hitting directly through in the middle of Mexico and cars have been blocked after massive chunks.

Of hail and torrential rain hit Rome Italy as this major storm is taking place and they titled this bang-bang-bang a magnitude 6.

A six point five so three six point five and above earthquakes have hit off the shore of Vancouver Island Canada near the Cascadia subduction zone.

So look out for that activity there also a recent earthquake is it Taiwan and two earthquakes off the coast of Asia some other unrelated news but Trump President Trump actually pulled out of the agreement because of they claimed it was because of some disputes so now in some ways I understand parts of it because.

I don’t know if this is some sort of a false flag thing the elites pushing them.

To do this or I don’t know I really don’t know I don’t know whether this is legit or what if it’s legitimate then apparently we right now China and Russia have close ties so you have China Russia and Syria which have very close ties with each other and Iran as well in this current time and.

They have actually stated that we better notice we’ve been a nun attacking the United States said well we will strike if you do this that or the other you know so on and so forth so basically we were threatening each.

Other that basically you better not do any nuclear actions and then we’re threatening nuclear strikes each other or something like that and that we pulled out of the old Cold War Agreement which they haven’t been following anyway because they’ve been doing activity like crazy but back to this let me know what you think about that is that prophetic is it just something the elites are messing with false flag thing what is it what do you think moving.

Back to this one of the real-time volcanic eruption videos with real sounds volcanic eruptions taking place right now and these deadly pyroclastic flows are unleashing volcanic eruptions across this world but let me show you the images out of Italy cars are blocked and streets blocked after these massive chunks of hail hit Rome Italy this is uh this is a massive amount of hail as you can see here check out these people.

Standing in this massive amount of hail that looks like snow drifts it looks like a snow.

Pile these are some more of the images that are of the torrential rainfall and torrential hail above these vehicles I’ll make a separate video regarding they want to show this to everyone but yeah definitely having to dig out of that hail and it just looks like massive amounts of snow.

But no you would think it was snow but it’s not anyway that’s all for this video I’m gonna go ahead and end it here this is a really really massive amount of hay it was reported out of the area that chunks of hail started falling from the sky and torrential rain so you can see that here.

It’s just obviously not the scale of the 100-pound hailstones prophesied but still something for the record books anyway that’s all for this video and update on some of the strange occurrences taking place in the world around us I’ll bring you earthquake and volcanic updates I have a feeling about Mount Vesuvius in Italy but I don’t want to state anything maybe look for that I don’t know I’ve been having a feeling for about a week maybe a.

Straw feeling something to do with Mount Vesuvius in Italy some sort of activity around that area the area of Italy so don’t quote me on that but just watching the news.

For that because I don’t know have this strong feeling but yeah let me know what do you think about all of this and let me know.

You’re alright so that’s all for this video peace bye this has been an update regarding various strange occurrences taking place in the world around us today as safe as possible bye.