Scary Next Generation Robots ! Strange Signs Of The End Times

Scary Next Generation Robots ! Strange Signs Of The End Times

March 5, 2019 0 By End Times Signs - The Two Preachers

Hello and welcome back people my name is reza shah this is chris bridging people technology is going too far take a look at this so I really think that this technology is going too far and that was not the royal family people that was Madame Tussauds and they’re experts in makeup and masks and if you wrap that mask.

Of these robots you’re gonna start to see you’re gonna start to see these lifelike robots.

Humanoids just walking around that’s terrifying isn’t it and also this we put a video a few weeks ago about Google duplex deep learning technology that was making phone.

Calls but if you wrapped all that together which like basically mimicked a human voice and spoke to a hairdressing salon to book an appointment for someone and it can respond to questions and that they’re beginning to make.

Them sound like a human being so you got the look and the mechanics and the voice the AI of the human being and they kind of meet you you are moving in that direction it’s no longer sci-fi you know ten years twenty years down the line I think they’re gonna be very very close to.

A human being and that’s uh mine isn’t.

It’s like I’m up there create these mind this is embrace not there’s something not right about it it’s like a soulless being that you’re looking at it’s kind of its kind of odd and it’s not just because it’s new technology because we have technology around us all the time and various computers and more not there’s something else about this we took don’t doesn’t feel right so let me throw a question at you then let’s say.

The leaders of this technology need they’re the scientists behind it the people.

That are actually writing this technology if they were Christians and they were filled with the spirit and they were following Jesus do you think that they will be developing this technology I’m hard to say.

Really I personally as a Christian myself I would I wouldn’t know do you think that’d be fitting uncomfortable if they were Christians yeah I would sound doubtedly yeah yeah this is something not right.

About it there’s always there’s always that worry that the if it gets.

Into the wrong hands and once you get.

These robots of all this collaborative a can run they can think they look they look lifelike you.

Can just mash producer it’s almost like Star Wars like the Clone Wars it’s almost like that’s put that could be perfect it couldn’t it where you just had this yeah as army it’s.

Not even from now you need technology me I know in medicine or gene therapy where you can water people’s genes in order for them to so they don’t pass on diseases or one up to the children all these different things you can do to help improve with a human being but then there’s the modifying human being to become a superhuman.

So there’s always that element of something’s not right you you can misuse that technology you can misuse that that knowledge and it just forces so we go down that path with with this what do you think people we want to your comments put your comments down on.

This subject if you want scriptures on this.

Subject put them down or even maybe you may have had a vision of the future or anything like that be interested to hear yeah put.

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