#justiceforjunior Court Case Update On Todays Pre-trial Hearing 10/25/2018

#justiceforjunior Court Case Update On Todays Pre-trial Hearing 10/25/2018

March 6, 2019 0 By GrandSupremeNews

Going out my name is Luis also known as grand supreme today’s October 25 2018 welcome to the grand supreme news channel so quick update on a junior justice Virginia there is a court case going on today no live stream the judge has ordered no live stream they all News reporter out there like pix 11 and some other news.

Media they all be calling and they will upload the updates later on today around 5:00 I will keep you guys more updated now then just ain’t no live.

Stream from no social media no news media and nothing whatsoever now they are doing DNA tests they come to find out that the getaway car wanted to get.

Away card they have some kind of doing DNA test they’re making sure that the people that was involved matches the DNA test with jr. now look this this right here should have been done a long time ago the DNA test I think it’s nonsense this should have been done months ago obviously they’re doing that right now they’re not sentencing all 14.

Suspect due to the fact because just too many of them so what they have to do is break.

Them into parts I guess one by one or maybe two by two and this could take up to a year for a final trial now the judge can ask.

Sentence all of them to prison for life they were five people that was involved that they are a count of murder the one that actually punched him dragged him at the bodega those are the one that will be on sentence one murder but not yet there’s no update on that story yet I’m just finding out this report news media so it’s a pretrial it’s not the final trial they are doing some DNA tests.

The 14 suspect are in different jails present you got a couple of them of lockers Eileen you got a couple of them in Brooklyn a couple of.

Them in other presence so they all not together now the other priests suspect there are seven his cell well it’s fitting our 50-something.

Cell and they keeping them all to themselves and that’s the one.

Island those three is actually in the courtroom a couple more.

In the cup on court room but this is going to take a long process so right now they’re just doing the DNA test they’re making sure that whoever was involved in that DNA test they are the one that’s going to get the sentence of murder.

But there’s going to take a long trial like I said there’s going to be a long process it’s gonna take like up to a year and we’ll keep you guys updated take it so much for watching the news media are in the courtroom they are recording but they’re not doing any live stream they are recording and later on they’re gonna post it on the news media and actually try to post it for you guys.

And give you more details more information of it thank you so much watching god bless give a shout out to my wife she’s doing incredible job I’m here working and she’s doing a lot of infamy informed of what’s going on I just want to say love.

You babe and thank you so much you know it’s really hard to do a video and work at the same time but I would keep it guys more updated thank you so much – next time.