Alarm At Twin Cascadia Quakes 6.8 M And 6.6m In Canada – Minutes After Massive Tremor

Alarm At Twin Cascadia Quakes 6.8 M And 6.6m In Canada – Minutes After Massive Tremor

March 7, 2019 0 By The Real MLordandGod

Larom at twin Cascadia subduction zone quakes six point eight magnitude and 6.
6 magnitude in canada the six point eight minutes after the massive six point six tremor and now suddenly this has happened in the week that they’re having the Mount Baker volcano eruption drills both US and Canada are having those drills in the state of Washington very close.

To the Canadian border that happens every two years so this is the year and the days that they’re doing that now this Canadian earthquake six point eight happened just a few minutes after.thank over Island Canada has been hit with three devastating earthquakes in quick succession today Monday morning USGS reports this is uh.

Happens to be by if you see the expressed UK Alice scars reports on this but also let’s go to the what the USGS says we had Alaska a number of Alaska earthquakes but you know this is all.

On the Ring of Fire but today we had a 6.

6 315 kilometers from Campbell River British Columbia and also a little bit further in mega magnitude 3.
1 33 kilometers from cutbank Montana and that was.

Six hours later and then about two hours after that we had a 5.

2 Campbell River British Columbia and then we had the big one the 6.
8 was also two hours after that so we’ve had four major earthquakes in a few hours in that area we’re talking about the that happens to be.

Off the coast of the west coast off Washington State we also know that it’s not only the earthquakes that are on the.

River fire we also have a tremendous number of volcanoes that are active.

That are there now going back to what’s happening in Canada the first earthquake struck off at 6:39 a. while the second one rocket rocketed the same location less than half an hour later at 7:16 with a six point eight magnitude the third strong quake hit the same Mary listen era after after the first one and the tremors hit the Canadian province of British Columbia.

On the Ring of Fire this is on the Cascadia subduction zone and this is where they expect at least an eight or a nine Richter to come quite soon now you’ll see here they have videos of seismologists stating that well yes they.

Are expecting the big one and it could be here quite soon from what they say during a fire lies in the horseshoe-shaped and.

Pacific Ocean stretching from New Zealand to Chile including.

The Asian and American coasts there are four hundred and fifty-two volcanoes in this 25,000 mile area six major earthquakes it Alaska also sits on the Ring of Fire but that’s another issue Alaska has continuing a number of.

A great number of volcanoes but this one here on the subduction zone as we see here is not good news because.

This is where they’re expecting a major 8 or 9 Richter earthquake.