The Power Of Prayer | Pastor Jentezen Franklin

The Power Of Prayer | Pastor Jentezen Franklin

March 9, 2019 0 By Free Chapel

Let’s just praise the name of Jesus praise his name praise His name praise His name Brisa name praise the name of Jesus raise your low Father in the name of Jesus I just ask you to touch those that are sick those that need healing in their body those that need a miracle those that are facing all of hail.

Coming against their life may they tonight feel the power of Jesus name may they tonight experience the power of that name and Lord we thank you that the power of Satan is defeated by the blood of Jesus.

Christ in the name that is above every name we speak health we speak healing we speak life we thank you.

For healing we thank you for miracles yes miracles in the name of Jesus if you grieve and give him a body praise praise the name of Jesus praise the Lord tell somebody around you there’s power in that name there is power in that name I believe that if you have your Bibles for a few moments tonight I’d like for you to open them with me to the Book of.

Luke chapter 3 Luke chapter 3 and I want to read Luke chapter 3 I’ll begin reading with verse 21.

Luke chapter 3 and verse 21 praise God are you glad to be in church tonight I want to talk to you about something I’ve never preached on but I saw it recently and I’ve carried this little Fault on.

Paper in my Bible for over a month now and and I believe that tonight I want to teach about the prayer life of Jesus specifically the.

Fact that Jesus prayed that that’s what really began to stand out to me and what I want to share about tonight in Luke 21 it’s amazing what you overlooked all your life and then you.

Read it one day and the Holy Spirit lifts something off that you didn’t even notice when all the people were baptized this is the baptism of Jesus now it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized watch this and while he prayed the heavens the heaven was open in the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him and a.

Voice came from heaven which said you are my beloved son in you I am well pleased notice in verse 21 that while Jesus also was being baptized while he prayed the heavens were opened up I’ve seen many pictures and many movie scenes of the description of Jesus being baptized in water but I have never noticed when I.

Read that story that Jesus was praying he was praying to the Father before he went under the water I never recognized that the fact that Jesus prayed he not only was baptized but he was praying it’s amazing how many times the Bible talks about.

The prayer life of Jesus that when scripture said as was his custom he went to a place and prayed another place said that he kneeled.

Down and prayed the Bible said in the Garden of Gethsemane that his sweat became like drops of blood another place in the Bible it says and.

He rose up from prayer another place says that he did rise and go pray and then another place speaking of Jesus prayer life said that he was praying more earnestly so from the beginning of Jesus ministry notice his ministry starts.

In prayer it wasn’t a few moments later when he goes under the water and comes out of the water that.

Immediately the Holy Spirit begins to lead him and he comes back from.

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