Final Warning Oct 2018 Yellowstone Volcano Eruption! Experts Discuss Warning Signs Of Eruption

Final Warning Oct 2018 Yellowstone Volcano Eruption! Experts Discuss Warning Signs Of Eruption

March 12, 2019 0 By NEWS CHANNEL DC

You volcano is ready to blow scientists warned building to blow this is a Long Valley caldera of California it’s not just Yellowstone that is ready to blow we also have another old area the Long Valley caldera located in the area of California it would take in California Nevada Arizona New Mexico Colorado and Utah certainly hoping that they all.

These states have evacuation plans including filter masks to air and emergency food and water the way the Long Valley volcano is acting you might need this as soon as possible when people think of California they may think of earthquakes but a lot of people don’t know.

That there are volcanoes there as well at least to the Lassen Peak and the much larger Long Valley caldera near Mammoth Lakes in 1915 Lassen Peak erupted and wrecked a huge portion of the state of California now.

Over the last 100 days the much larger Long Valley caldera has been acting up it’s acting up with uplift with earthquakes and it’s doing what geologists and the US Geological Survey are calling concern the caldera the mouth of volcano is moving according to.

Scientific instruments monitoring the area the United States Geological Survey that’s the USGS in the area and the city vicinity of the Long Valley caldera find that.
It is deforming and it’s moving.

Rapidly compared to previous records now how sure are they this is happening they’re at 95 percent confident and the data assembled is significant it shows that a recent timespan the amount of the movement is causing statistically significant strain in the rocks of the area it is not a conspiracy theory or conjecture or amateur geological antics this is from the USGS itself this is the actual data and now you can see it.

In the article I leave below for you look at me look like gobbledygook to you but you’re not alone you can scroll down understand the explanations USGS instrument measurements it says the following exceed SRM 1.

95% CI the assembly the assemble is significant time span is thirty.

One out of seven hundred and thirty days to be significant at the 95% CI Council need to be.

To exceed twenty units in either mm per year or nano strain per year so you can be saved the trouble.

All the readings in the first data exceeded 20 units the following units exceed NSR s and are 2.0 and at the 95% CI the assemble is significant this time span is 31 out of 730 days to be significant at this 95% CI level counts need to be nine units in either mm per year or nano strain per year and now again they say what’s the trouble all the data and the second set exceeds nine.
Units one is read by a lot and the following.
0 at the 95% CI symbol significant time Spanish 31 have a 30 days significantly at the 95% CI 11 see eye level counts.

Need to exceed one unit in either mm per year or a nano stream per year and again they save us the trouble they all exceed one unit the ones in red by a lot so so what does this mean so judging by the deformation directions and the rates the magma plume is subsiding the previous caldera and rising just south of it this is where the earthquakes are swarming now the entire thing is tilting away from the mountains.

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